2 down and I'm still hanging in there

I really didn't feel like doing anything yesterday but I  got moving in spite of.  I did my Turbo Jam tape yesterday and realized just how out of shape I am as well as what a difference a few months of inactivity can really make.  I used to be able to do that tape with no problem just a few short months ago and now I have to huff and puff my way through.  Damn shame!  I'm still struggling with my eating though.  Didn't even bother to keep track of what I ate which is a major setback because I really need to see the numbers.  It helps me to stay on track and allows me to see exactly how much fat, carbs, protein, etc I am getting and adjust my diet accordingly.  I don't really eat all that much so my damage comes from what I'm eating.  yesterday I had this little lasagna meal for one (from the frozen foods section) for lunch , steak, baked potato( little butter, no sour cream and believe me that was a feat in and of itself because I have never eaten a baked potato without sour cream....EVA!  It wasn't due to any type of sticking to the plan type thing,  I just didn't have any on hand and wasn't about to go to the store to pick some up) and asparagus spears for dinner.  Oatmeal (weight control)and  2 strips of turkey bacon for breakfast and that's about it.  Oh yeah, I did have one little slip up,  the kiddo made some cookies yesterday and that cookie dough was calling me.  I tried to resist but the kiddo was making it look so good and all my willpower went out the window.  Anyway, I'm okay with it.  I don't expect to never have a slip up and this time around, I will not beat myself up about it. Today is a new day and I will be making a concentrated effort to do better.  

1 down too many more to go

So yesterday went well.  I got up and moved my behind and did some upper body work.  I only completed 1 round (out of 2) and am choosing to stick to my motto.... baby steps.  Hell, I haven't worked out with any consistency since August so my body needs to adjust to the trauma of exercise  first. lol.   I'm usually the type to jump in head first and over do it which leads to my getting burned out real quick so I had to purposely slow it down a tad and make an effort to start off slow.  I also decided to revisit some of my favorite fitness websites and have made it a point to even join a challenge.   Someone on one of the forums posted about this site quite some time ago and I do like it, if for no other reason than  its a chance to meet other people who are in the process of losing weight. Its similar to Myspace but for people who are interested in weightloss.  I think its kind of cute and I love the fact that they have challenges that you can enter to win prizes.  (I know ya'll are probably thinking well, dayum!  What's the name of the site? ) and I'm getting to it... PATIENCE! . But  anyway, you can even start your own private challenges.  There is one starting on Jan 2 entitled The Biggest Loser, but unfortuantely, it is all filled up.  I'd be interested in starting one if anyone is interested.  Anyway, here's the site and please feel free to add me as a friend,  I am Soon2Bfit on the site!

Oh, yeah, I got so caught up in talking about other things I forgot to give an update on my eating.  I did fairly well , I didn't get around to plugging in all the numbers to see my exact stats (I'm using a program that tracks your nutrition.)  Towards the end of the day I was hungry as hell, I know ya'll know that feeling , so I ended up eating a bowl of life cereal.   I didn't eat too much  but I was having some serious cravings.  Let's just hope that it was due to my body ridding itself of all the bad junk.  I know it will take time and I don't expect to just get on this healthy eating kick in one day.  As is everything this go-round.  I will start slowly!  This week's goal is to get back to drinking more water.


Back in the saddle

Yes, it is beyond time for me to get back in the saddle again.  I've been going to the casino and we all know that the food at casinos is no joke. All you can eat pastries, meats, salads, soups, chinese food, pizza, veggies,pancakes, blintzes... you name it they have it!  On my first trip there(firs,t meaning the first out of many last week) I damn near ate myself into oblivion and I felt it.  I mean, I have never felt so miserable  in my life.  My stomach was literally protruding.  Needless to say I looked at myself in the mirror and I was not pleased AT ALL!  My plan was to work out everyday until I go out of town which will be on the 27th of this month but being that the 1st fell on a Saturday, I decided to start today.  I don't care how much I don't feel like working out, I am going to do something.  I am also thinking about letting go my Bally's membership because when I bought it my monthly fees were $8.00, now they keep raising them and now I am up to about $13 and I want to know how long they can do this. Will I end up paying $20, $30, $40 a month?  Anyway, I haven't even set foot in the gym in about 6 or 7 months anyway, so it really is a waste.    Not even when I lost the weight back in August did I need the gym to do it.  I stepped on the scale on Saturday I think and was up to 213.8 lbs. which is an all time high for me.  Hopefully it was water weight or something. Anyway, I plan to do both cardio and weights, alternating between the two (sort of a BFL style thing).

I will be taking measurements, if I can find my tape measurer and possibly photos which I will have to think long and hard about possibly posting.  I've seen people wayyyyy bigger then me be successful at losing weight and keeping it off and I know that I can definitely do this.  I just need to get up off of my lazy ass and get moving.  I tend to use others weight loss successes as  motivation for my own journey and am highly pissed that I missed Oprah's recent show about people losing significant amounts of weight.  Wouldn't you know it, I was at the casino  stuffing my face and losing my money all in one fail swoop.

Time to get back on it!

Nothing like a reality check to get one back on track. I was doing some end of the summer cleaning and was moving a full length mirror from one part of the house to another. Just so happened to catch of glimpse of myself and , well let's just say that I was not a happy camper. Yeah, I know that I need to get myself back into shape and yes, I have seen myself plenty of times but it was just something about that day that meant a little bit more to me. Now I don't know if it was the angle at which I was carrying the mirror or because it was "that time of the month" or what have you but I was looking particularly pudgy that day. So this day October 29, 2007, I have resolved, not only to get with the program, but also to STICK with the program. I did workout a bit last week but not enough to actually write about. I'm still sticking with the baby steps until I'm well into the routine of doing it the way that I know it needs to be done.

My goals this week are:

Keep track of everything I eat for at least 5 days
Drink at least 64 Oz. of water per day
Workout at least 5 days this week (alternating strength training and cardio)
Eat Veggies with at least 2 of my daily meals.

I want to get back into the gym. Shoot, I'm paying for this membership which hasn't been used in about 8 months. I'm just lazy and with the weather getting a bit colder, I know I don't want to get up and go to the gym which is a good distance away from where I live. I also need to find my membership card. (i think my aunt lost it this weekend)I keep it in the visor of my car and when my aunt pulled it down , it must've fallen out. I did check underneath the seats but Ill give it one more go before I buckle down and pay another $10 for a new card.

Anyway, that's about it me. I'll try to be more diligent about updating when I actually have something to update!

I know I've been slacking but I am going to commit to working out at least 4 days this week. (no less but anything more will be a bonus) I have to start off small. I had a big slap in the face this morning when I stepped on the scale. I'm back to 209lbs. which isn't so lovely. I was down to 203 (from 212) before my little hiatus. The extra weight gain may be attributed to it being "that time of the month" but nevertheless I don't like seeing those numbers on the scale. I am giving myself until August 1, of next year to have made it to my goal weight and to April 16 of next year to have made some visible progress. I have to remember to drink my water ( at least 64 oz.) and to get my eating in check. Yeah ,yeah, I had a McDonald's breakfast sandwich this morning but I will just press on from here. The sandwich wasn't meant for me but I ending up eating it because someone had a smart mouth and talked himself out of getting it and I wasn't about to let it go to waste. lol

I've always known that I was a morning person and if I don't get my workout in in the morning, I know there is a 99.% chance that I won't do it at all. I can honestly say that I have every intention of working out but as the days change and along with it my mood, My motivation wanes. I as worried about some things this morning, extremely anxious and had that feeling of not wanting to do anything. Anyway, I prayed on it and prayed again and Thank GOD it worked out for me. I felt a great weight lifted and now I feel like working out again.

I will update on the workout I did later!

Well......um what had happened was

Okay, I will be honest and just let it be known that I didn't do a dang thing today from eating right to working out! Booo! When I woke up this morning I had every intention of working out but somewhere along the way , I allowed my mind to talk my body out of moving. I just can't get my mojo back. I think the main reason that I was able to stick with it before my vacation was because I had a deadline to beat. I wanted to look good for my vacation and now that it has come and gone, I don't really have any major events that I absolutely, positively need to attend. I need to find a way to get motivated and stick with it. Reading other fitness blogs will certainly help me out, at least I hope so! Ya''ll wish me luck!

Back on Track

Okay, I decided to get up off of my butt and get moving. I was doing so well before my little trip and although it pains me to admit it, I haven't done anything since I've been back and that had been well over a month now. Needless to say, all the little progress that I made has been null and void! I'm so mad at myself because I had made noticeable strides. People were asking if I had lost weight and my grandparents even called to tell me that I looked cute, "almost like I used to look". Now I know that was a backhanded compliment and a little stretch of the truth seeing that I need to lose at least 60 lbs ( and I was a size 7 back then)but nevertheless, in the infamous word of Like Dat from Flavor of Love "They sure do know how to make a girl feel good" haha! I did Turbo Jam today and am still planing on making up my own schedule. I haven't decided if I am going to do a BFl type rotation or follow the one that came with the program. I am also thinking about adding SI6 into my routine as well but lawd, that workout is uber boring. I can make it through a few days but I'm not sure if I can go the entire 6 weeks. I'm determined to ...ah well, you know the spiel as I've said it year after year but this time..I will succeed. Before my little vacay I've had a taste of success and dare I say, slimness and I want it Back! It's way past time for my sexy to come back and once it gets here , it will definitely be here to stay. As P diddy says, gotta preserve the sexy!

Yes, I'm still here

I am continuing to workout using Turbo Jam and HHA mainly. I haven't really been doing much weight training but when I return from my vacation I will most definitely get back to weight training. As of this morning (according to my scale) I weighed in at 203.8 lbs. down from 212(my heaviest) I tend to fluctuate between 206 and 203lbs. (Yes, I'm a daily weigher due to the program that I use to log my foods. It asks for your weight daily) Anyway. I just wanted to update. No new pics yet but I did get a new digicam. Whoohoo. I LOVE it! It takes awesome photos and videos and I can see us having a relationship for a very long time! lol

I'm still working out.....

although last weekend was sporadic at best, I'm still hanging in there. I didn't get around to doing any of my p90X last week and this week I can surely tell the difference. I decided that I would start a little small and do p90 instead and it just wan't the same. Wasn't feeling it for some reason. I just can't wait until I can see some visible progress because I don't know whether or not I can trust my scale. I have all the incentive in the world. My ex called me and wants to see me...NOT! I am so not going to see him looking like this. Mind you, we haven't seen eachother in at least 9 or 10 years although we talk from time to time. Everytime the conversation is the same, "I want to see you". To add on to that one of my girlfriends whom I also haven't spoken to in eons called me and wanted to invite me down to her grand opening of her boutique. Now I do have a legitimate reason for not attending and I told her before she issued the invite but I'm sort of relieved because the last time that I saw any of these folks ,I was a skinny minny. Now my ex did see me after I had my first child as did said girlfriend, but that was okay because I was able to lose all of the baby weight and I was actually smaller after than I was before I even became pregnant. Now second child is a whole 'nother story. Boy did that child do a number on my body and no one besides family (which cannot be helped) will be seeing me until this weight is gone and forgotten. Shallow I know, but so be it!

Week 2 Day 1

Still at it, Yes I am! I decided to follow my workout by the book although I am doing other workouts in addition to it. We'll see how I do for the entire 6 weeks before I create my on workout rotation. So technically it is week 1 day one for my SI6 workout. I worked out for 6 days last week( Monday through Saturday) with sunday being my much needed rest day. Today I did my chest and back workout as well as HHA and RIU!. I am tired but I feel great! Working out does make you feel really good.

I'm still working on my diet. Today I have resolved to track my meals for at least 6 days, Everything that goes in my mouth. So far I have done pretty well with the eating but my sodium intake is through the roof. Who knew foods had so much sodium in them and they are supposed to be natural foods. (well I had a hoagie from a hoagie shop and it has 1585 MG of sodium. WOW! I have no idea what a normal daily allotment of sodium should be but I will be researching that soon. I just can't wait until I lose some inches in my waist and abdomen and then, I will most definitely be good to go!

Week 1 day 4

I have been doing really well. I've long since given up on the BFL and decided to try various exercise videos at home. I've been working out 2 and sometimes even 3 times a day and my eating has been good also. I'm not following a particular diet but I have managed to keep my calories under 1600 except for yesterday. I haven't logged my meals for yesterday yet but I did end up having 2 hamburgers and a half an order of small fires from McDonalds yesterday. To make up for it I did an extra workout. Turbo jam 20 min. I really am hoping to see some major progress by my Family reunion in August. It would nice if I could lose at least 15 or 20lbs. by then.

I really am loving my routine right now. I look forward to working out everyday and dare i say it, I'm becoming addicted. That's a really good problem to have. I really need to buckle down on my eating but with the big food festival coming up it's going to take all of the strength and willpower that I have to resist , resist, and resist some more. maybe I'll head down to the fest on my free day.

I did take some photos and was highly disappointed because I see NO change whatsoever. I know it's only been 4 days and really, what visible changes did I really expect to see in all of 4 days. i have decided to stay away from the camera, the scale, and the measurements until day 30 and then I will see what type of progress I've made. well. that's about it for now, off to get ready .

Week1 day 1

I know you guys are tried of seeing my many "Day 1's" but the truth is, I have been rather consistently working out. I just decided to start anew in order to have some folks on the boards to work out with. I'm a big time procrastinator and I need all of the motivation and support that I can get. Today I did my p90x as well as slim in 6. A sista is sore I tell ya. Debbie looks like a little pushover and after previewing her slim in "Start it up" Dvd My thoughts were "Piece of cake!" I wasn't even sure if I would do it because it did look rather boring as there is no music and just Debbie talking. Needless to say, It was just as boring as it seemed but that workout was killer.( at least to me) I'm the type that gets all gugn ho and likes to jump right into something so normally my MO is to skip the beginners tapes and start up instructions tape and get down to the nitty gritty. I don't think I will be doing that this time around. I think I better stick with the "start it up" for my entire first week and see how I
feel after that.

So far so good, on the eating. It's 12 and I've had 2 boiled eggs and 1 egg (and just the egg) from a Mickey D's sausage McMuffin with egg sandwich. What's a girl to do? My kid despises eggs and the clean -up woman came to the rescue but eggs are good right? Anyway, I'll be back with the specifics of today's eating. 'Tis all for now!

I woke up this morning and did my p90 . I completed it but took some unscheduled rests because I had to get the kid ready. I also plan to do HH abs as well . I really need to get this weight off of me. A good 60 lbs or so would do me just right! I have this reunion coming up and I need to be looking good and to me that equals a noticeable weight loss.

On a random hair note,I have an appointment for color and/or highlights on the 10th. Yippeee! I have to see what the stylists says but right now I'm thinking a light brown base color with caramel or golden highlights, who knows, maybe even blonde. I think that would look hot. Right now my hair is the blackest black you can find,(yes it's my natural hair color) Blah! I'm leery because I had been having some scalp issues back in December which resulted in some bald spots. I received a diagnosis and prescription shampoo and the bald spots have filled in beautifully, but my hair is still trying to play catchup and I refuse to cut again. I ( cut it down to an inch or 2 back then). My hair is rather healthy lately and I don't want to cause any unnecessary hair drama with the single all over color and then the highlights. At least with the highlights, I can at least have them skip over the scalp issued areas. lol. We'll see, We'll See!!

I will stick with this weight loss thing though. I have to crack down as my time is running out. August 1st (my self-imposed deadline) will be here before I know it!

I am still working out but I have too improvise and I haven't been able to make it to the gym due to the kiddies being out of school. I'm still doing my p90 but I haven't been getting in much cardio. I attempted to do my cardio coach outside at 10:30 A.M. and nearly passed out due to the heat. needless to say I didn't finish the workout and decided to nix that idea. I did manage to make it through the first 6 intervals of work out 1 challenge 1 and half of the 1 minute sprint of challenge 2 before I gave up. I was pouring down with sweat. I have decided to dig out and dust off my walk away the pounds video to help me get some walking in , hopefully this will be effective. Diet ...hmmm, not so good. I really need a structured eating program or better yet, I need to sign up with one of those dieting services that deliver your meals to your home. I know I could meet my goal if I could do that, I just need to see what is available out my way and look into the pricing. I know there is a Seattle Sutton,s here but I think they are muy expensive. I don't know We'll see.

Day 2

Okay , so the plan for today is to fore go the gym and work out at home. I also plan to do some additional Ab work because I need the most work in that area. I am so sore from yesterday, my arms feel like limp noodles. It was a chore to even wash myself, but like they say, " No pain, No gain!" I just can't wait until I can see some visible progress. I guess my number one priority is to see visible collar bones.

My non-existent collarbones( or at least the spot they are supposed to be)

I haven't seen them in years and believe me when I tell you that I will do a cartwheel and a flip when they finally decide to put in an appearance. I know it's not a normal goal but My mother told me that my grandmother told her and I quote: "When you can no longer see your clavicles, you are fat" so there I said I AM FAT and have been since I had my last child over 7 years ago. That clavicle comment stuck with me and now that is my first goal that I'm going to attain.

I did pylo today

Time: 21 min 18 seconds

HR: 144 Avg 164 MAx

Calories: 261

Went to the gym and did the Precor machine for 35 minutes. I used cardio coach again and it wasn't as difficult as I thought. I can definitely afford to step it up a bit next time.

Time: 35 Minutes
Distance: 2.37 miles
Calories: 348.6
HR: avg:143 Max: 172

Today was also my first day of my p90x challenge. I had chest and back today and it was tough as I really, really, REALLY hate push ups. I will admit that I did a few lat pull downs on the machine at the gym but I really feel that I am getting a good workout here at home using my resistance bands and dumbbells. (I also have barbells, a weight bench, treadmill, fitness ball and everything else probably known to man) but these shall do. I am contemplating buying a pull/chin up, bar but until I can do one unassisted, these bands will do. I also did some Ab work. Can you say OUCH!!! I'm doing it though so that is all that counts. Needless to say I will be working my way up in the numbers to some of the exercises though, sort of a friendly competition with myself. Beat last sessions numbers. Ring a bell?

Eating was so so

Total Calories.1876 (F=62{way too much fat} C=128, and P=191) within my caloric allotment but a little off in the way they were divided. MUST WORK ON LOWERING FAT INTAKE!

DAY1 is a DONE DEAL. WHEW!!! *wiping brow*

Day 1. Ready, set, Bring it!

As promised Here are my stats ( embarrassing as they may be):

Weight: 210.6
Neck : 16
Chest : 42.6
Waist : 39.5
Abdomen: (bb level) 43
Abdomen: (below BB) 45
Hips : 44.5
Thigh (R) 28 (L) 27
Calf: 15
Breast: 45
Bicep: (Relaxed) 14.5 (Flexed) 15.5
Forearm: 12

Body fat% and weight according to home BF Scale:
BF% 44.1%
Weight 208

More Official Stats:

Body Weight: 211
abdomen : 43
right thigh: 28
right calf : 15
Activity Level: Active
Body fat percentage: 45.5%
Healthy body fat standard: 23%
Fat weight: 96.0 lbs.
Lean weight:115.0 lbs.
Target body weight: 149.4 lbs.
Desired weight loss: 61.6 lbs.
Body fat level: Very High

Day 1 of my challenges begins tomorrow

As you all may , or may not know, I have joined several challenges that are scheduled to begin tomorrow. although I have been working out somewhat consistently since mid May, I will be starting at Day one for the purposes of these challenges.

I have joined the BFL challenge
and the p90x challenge with both start tomorrow.

I plan to combine the two workouts together in order to get the most out of the challenges. I was also thinking about Maybe adding Slim in 6 or some other type of workout to my program depending on my time constraints and my ability. I will test it out and see if I can fit it in on occasion.


1.Lose at least 5% of my body fat
2.Drink at least 70 oz. of water a day
3.Workout at least 5 times per week
4.Do an ab workout at east twice a week (this is my most neglected body part and also the part that needs the most work and I find myself making excuses not to do any exercises for them)
5.Log my meals every day

I will also keep a running total of my calories and exercise minutes and calories.

I will try to stick within the 1800-2100 calorie range and adjust accordingly as weight loss occurs.

I will be posting mys tarting stats today or either tomorow as well as beginning photos but I'm not sure whether or not I will be posting them.

I wil aslo be eating 6 times per day ( 3 meals and 3 snacks)

Here's the plan

I have been working out but I have missed maybe 1 or 2 days and I'm not too happy about it. I had to take the car to the shop yesterday and upon inspection found out that I needed new brakes and a rotor. needless to say my 2 hours that I planned to spend there before I headed off to the gym turned into 5+ and I never made it. Since June 4th marks the beginning of several challenges that I joined, I will begin blogging anew from that date.

Today I went to the gym (the one that I really don't care for that much) and did cardio on the treadmill. I thought that I would take it easy today since today wasn't a HIIT cardio day so I did the fat burn setting. I started off doing a warm up on the 2.5 speed setting for 2 minutes and then increased the speed to 3.5. Because I was out of my Target heart rate zone to burn fat, the machine kept lowering my speed and I ended up walking at a pace of 2.8 for the entire 30 minutes. I think next time I will just use the manual setting and adjust the speed and incline as I see fit. I also came home and did p90 pylo and needless to say, I could only make it through half of the tape, well actually, I only made it through 21 minutes of the tape because even though I thought it was a cardio workout, the majority of the workout focuses on the legs ( with all the jumping and things and since my legs are still hurting from 2 weeks ago, I couldn't hang....not this time but I will work my way up to it. The sad thing is that I did it using my rebounder (like a trampoline) in order to take some of the pressure off of my knee joints since they hurt sometime too. On the eating front, today is a new day. Yesterday, not so great. I did so well up until about 9 p.m. (which I know is the worst possible time that I could've possibly been eating) but I had some chips. I intended to have a few and then stop but like the energizer bunny, I just kept going and going and going. You know what, I'm okay with it too. I did so well up until that point that It doesn't really bother me. Even with the chips, I still managed to stay within my alloted calories for the day although my proteins, fats, carbs, etc was way off because of it.

35. minutes
171 calories
1.48 miles
Hr: 115 avg 130 max

20:12 minutes
HR: 150 avg 168 max

Total workout time
55:12 minutes

Day 13(day1)

If the title of this post confuses you then let me try to explain. While I started off doing BFl and joined a challenge scheduled to start on June 1st, I have also been doing another program p90. I actually prefer the p90 because it is an awesome workout (thus far) and I can do it at home along with the DVD. Now BFl can be an at home workout as well but It is basically up to me to pick my exercises while sticking to the required amount of reps, 12, 10, 8, 6, 12, 12. I am the type of woman that needs motivation. I am not picky as to where that motivation comes from either be it from friendly competition, trainer, friend, or someone shouting at me via the TV screen. If I can manage to eek out one more rep or one more set, then it's all to the good as far as I'm concerned. Now back to my title. I had been following the BFl format but doing the p90 workouts so that I can have a more structured workout routine. It became increasingly difficult to pick the workouts as p90 works body parts as opposed the the entire upper body on one day and the entire lower body on another. Now while I will continue to do BFl( not sure how I'm going to do it but being the resourceful chick that I am, I WILL find a way) I will also be doing my p90.

Anyway I just completed day 1 which consisted of chest and back. Yes! Yes! I completed the entire workout too. I also went to the gym
This is where I do my damage

and did a workout on the elliptical with my Cardio Coach. I really, really, love this program and would encourage anyone who is a slacker of sorts, as am I, to get it. It really encourages you to press on when you are out of breath and really feel like giving up. It pushes you to your limit so that you can be sure that you are making the most of your cardio time. As for the eating I'm doing well.(it's only day 1 for me since I had to rededicate myself to doing the damn thing) Following the p90 eating plan which is more structured but quite similar to BFl. The only difference is that it gives you specific portions of each food group depending on your nutritional level like I said (more structured... and with me it's all about THE STRUCTURE) So far I've eaten:

1 med apple

1 boiled egg (yolk included , yes, I know it's bad bad BAD)

3 slices turkey breast (about 2 oz) and about 40 oz. of water.

so anyway, today's rundown is as follows



calories: 355

distance 2.17

hrt rate;

avg 149

max 172

Day 12

I am so disappointed in myself. I got up this morning and worked out at the gym as planned. Today is leg day but I did a 45 minute heart rate monitored cardio workout on the treadmill. (40 min walk 5 min cool down) That was great, I even did some lying squats ( about 12) and then seated leg curls (4 sets). I didn't do the squats BFl style because I knew I was going to do my p90 leg workout. Needless to say that went kaput! After raving and bragging about how I managed to make it through the entire workout last time I was only able to make it about half way through and I don't think that I even managed to do as many reps as I did last time either. I'm a big fat quitter and I am so disappointed. I thought that I would be able to do it again but my legs were still sore from last week. I'm sure it's partly due to the fact that the elliptical is my fitness equipment of choice for the week, but I purposely did the treadmill today just so that my legs wouldn't be too tired for the workout. I don't know what happened. My legs got tired and my left knee started to hurt. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. I guess I'll just need to do better next week or attempt it again later on. The eating has been going great, so far I've been sticking to the plan . Tonight will be the true test of my willpower though. I will be going to Old country Buffet( yeah, yeah I know, I hate that place too) but it happens to be the kid's favorite spot and I promised that I would go so today's the day. (hopefully after this I will not have to hear about OCB(as the kid so lovingly calls it) for a loooooong time. Lord help me!

45 minutes (40 minutes, 5 min cooldown)
distance: 2.45 miles
HR avg.134 no max.

23.05 minutes
138 avg 171 max

I really, really, REALLY need to get my eating in check. I think I know what my problem is, I'm not eating enough. I go for such long periods without eating that when it gets around 5, 6 or 7 p.m. the cravings are virtually impossible to stave off. Depending on what time I get to the gym, I may not eat my first meal until well after 10 or 11. I then may have something around 2 or 3 and then dinner at about 5 or 6... after that I get horrible sugar cravings and more often than not, this is when I end up blowing it.

Today I probably won't be able to make it to the gym until 8 or so, so I had a protein shake at 6 this morning. I figure that should help me out a bit. I will also start keeping track of my food intake using some type of food log, (i have several options from Fitday down to whatever). I think I need to see exactly how much I am eating, set a daily caloric allotment, and then try to stick within that range. Other wise, my working out will all be for naught as we all know that losing weight is about 80 to 90 % diet. (oh how I cringe at that word hehe)

Day 11

The weekend has come to an end along with my weekend binge and I was back in the gym bright and early. I did my cardio coach today and am so proud of myself as I hit my personal best. There are 3 challenges in the program and usually I just do up to the cool down of challenge two but today I finished the first interval of challenge 3. I wasn't nearly as tired as I thought that I would be. Yayyy me! I'm almost positive I will be doing some more workout today so I may be back a little later on to update.

As for my eating, it was totally out of control this weekend. Yesterday I topped off the damage that I did Saturday with left over Hooter's wings, a Klondike, some icecream, pizza, and Flaming Hot Cheetos (it was a small bag ...like that really makes a difference) but I am determined to be fit so I will do much better this week.

I came home after the gym today and put on my pot of water so that I can boil me a few eggs to have on hand. Why did I look in my refrig, and see that we had no eggs, not a one! Is it that hard to let me know( leave a note or something) that it's time to restock up on certain food items? While I was out Saturday, I received a phone call stating that we were out of bread and asking if I would pick some up (the eggs were apparently used within 3 minutes of that phone call) now, how much trouble would it have been to say "Pick up some eggs too." Needless to say, I am pissed that instead of picking up eggs on my way home, I now have to go back out (burn more of my $3.65 cents per gallon gas) just to go get eggs that I could've gotten on Saturday had folks been considerate enough to let me know that they used them all. GRRRR @ mi familia! End Rant! Whooooo, that felt good!

Workout time: 30 Min (2 min cool down)
Calories burned: 408
distance : 2.17 ( not too sure as the summary ended before I could get a good look)
HR: Avg. 152 Max176

day 10

Yesterday was so not a good day for me. well work out wise it was excellent but after all that hard work what did I do? I came home and at not one but TWO bags of Doritos (they were the small sizes, I'm not that greedy) and an entire bag of Lifesaver gummies. That's right, I ate the whole, entire bag. I only intended to eat a handful but I got side tracked and looked down and the dang bag was empty. Then to top that off I had a few slices of pizza for dinner. Not to be making excuses because we all know the excuses spiel but I was out until a little after 1 without having had anything to eat. By the time I got home not, only was I famished, but I FAMMMIISHHHED! I know now to at least bring something to tide me over until I can get something to eat for real, for real. I just couldn't think of anything because it was hot and by the time I got back to my car everything would've been hot and nasty. I think I'll stock up on boiled eggs because I absolutely love then and they an stave off the hunger for me. Anyway, today I went to the gym. It's not a cardio day but I did 45 minutes of cardio anyway. I did it on the heart rate monitored weight loss setting and ending up walking at a speed of 3.0 with NO incline. needless to say, I didn't even break a sweat so I don't know how effective that could be but at least I got up and got moving.

Cal 375.6
distance 235
time 45 min
HR 122avg
138 max

what has gotten into me.

could it be that I am a changed woman? I was up well into the night checking out the photo gallery for the p90X program and I was motivated like a mug to 'Bring it". I already committed to starting the BFl challene on June 1st but I really want t o do p90x as well. so I figured I workout BFl style in the A.M. and do p90x in the P.M. Now I have no intention of over training but I will be mixing it up a bit so that I can achieve the results that I want. I have a Dr.s appointment today for the dreaded pap, I don't care how old I get, I will Never, ever, ever get used to those stirrups and speculum. Blahh. But anyway, My appointment is for 9:45 this morning, so I decided I would forego the gym and workout at home. Now why did I keep thinking about the gym? Anyway, I decided if I leave now I will have a 2 hour time span to do my cardio and still be back in enough time to shower, change and make it to my appointment. Now is that determination or what? Especially since a week ago this time I would've been on that I'll miss it and make it up tomorrow. Not this time, Ya girl is ready to "BRING IT!!".

Day 8

I am grinning like the Kool-Aid man right about now! Today was a lower body day for me and I already had it in my mind that I wasn't going to the gym. I decided that I would do my p90x instead. Well as the day went on, time continued to get away from me and I kept thinking about how much I really didn't feel like working out today. I almost talked myself out of it too but then I heard this voice in my head telling me that I cannot miss a day( well another day because I missed day number 6) and if I want to see results I better get busy. I procrastinated a little while longer but then I managed to get off my big, flat,( that's right, I said FLAT, I'm probably the only sista in America who is sitting on 7.5's instead of 20's when it comes to the ass) butt and work it out. I feel great and I even managed to make it through to the end of the workout doing everything! Go me, Go me, get busy!!! Now I couldn't do the amount of reps that they did and I had to hold on to the back of a chair at times but I still pressed on and Hell yeah!!! I'm proud of myself.

42 minutes of lower body ( including water breaks and rests)
132 averge HR,
167 Max


This week I decided that I could stand to be a bit more meticulous with my program. Yes, I only managed to work out 5 days last week because my schedule was totally full over the weekend. My kid had a race and we got up at 7:30 and didn't make it home until well after 5 P.M. As I've probably mentioned before I am a most definitely a morning person so if I don't work out in the A.M. I know I will not work out at all. That's just me so needless to say I am one workout behind. Of course I could double up on the workouts but nope, I'll just keep chugging right along. I had planned to go to the gym to do some cardio (even though today is an upper body day) but couldn't manage to make it because of yes, you guessed it, the kid again. This time, said child conveniently forgot to do the works consulted page , and outline for a research paper that they had a month to get done. It was due today so we were busy picking up where we left off last night. I had to use my gym time to escort him to school so that his tardy would be excused. All wasn't lost though, I did manage to do my upper body workout at home using my dumbbells and I did get to try out a new piece of workout equipment that I picked up. ( yeah, like I really need anymore work out things). I also picked up the BFL book Friday, (if only I could remember where I put mine) and managed to thumb through it. I basically remember everything that the book entails from my previous efforts but I still plan to read it through again. I also took my "before" shots but I have to think long and hard about posting. YES, they are THAT bad.

Day 4

Today I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the treadmill. I needed to burn off some of the damage that I did with the eating yesterday. That dang on Ice cream. I need to really leave it alone but it taste soooooo good. Anyway i just did a regular walk on the treadmill on the fat loss setting. It felt pretty good. i then came home and did have on the legs portion on power 90X. I will definitely be working my way up to this because my legs were already sore. (from what I do not know). When i go to the gym I really don't want to be bothered. I go there to work out and get it over with so that I can get on to where I am going. Anyway, there is this one dude that always comes and starts chatting with me. Doesn't matter that I have on my headphones and am plugging way on whatever equipment that I happen to be on at the moment, he just doesn't care. I try not to look at him when I see him coming but that doesn't work either. today he comes over while I'm on the treadmill and I take off one side of my headphones. My 45 minutes were up so when I was leaving he asks me can he hug me. I tell him no because I am all sweaty and he says that he doesn't mind. I said well I do and then said my goodbyes. I have been noticing that a lot of men have been checking me out lately. I'm pretty sure it has NOTHING to do with my working out because I just started and haven't lost an ounce yet. But I was in the grocery store today at the customer service counter and I see this man just staring at me. After I'm finished handling my business I take my cart and cut through one of the checkouts and he is still looking. he finally says "how you doing" and I say fine and keep on stepping. You know how you can just feel someone burning a hole in you? That's how I felt when my back was towards him because I just knew he was still staring me down. Anyway i really think it's my hairdo. and to think I wasn't comfortable wearing it out until I was forced to by a diagnosis of Sebbhorreic(SP) Dermatitis. Anyway, I get complimented on my hair a lot by men and women. I know this is a fitness blog but dayum, I'm feeling good and I just thought I'd share.


Today I went to the gym. I decided to go to the one that I used to since I had some things that i needed to take care of in that area. When I am exiting my car I see this guy that always talks to me. he comes over and tells me how glad he is that he saw me and things like that, then he actually kisses me on the cheek. I can't believe he invade my personal space like that. caught me a little off guard but anyway I had a pretty good workout. I did my cardio Coach1 tape on the treadmill and then did a few back exercises and that was it. I did 36 minutes, burned 325 calories at a distance of 2.12 miles. so far so good!

Day 2

I was thisclose to not working out at all today because I was trying to finish doing my hair. I really didn't feel like doing anything after a while but I got to reading all of the posts on various message boards as well as success stories and photos and I was motivated. I did an upper body workout today using my dumbbells that i have at home.

I did chest press and pushups

bicep curls and hammer curls

tricep kickbacks and tricep press

heavy pants and seated row(I used bands for these and didn't feel the burn like I wanted to )

I also did one round of shoulder press.

I really feel the most burn when i was working my biceps. I also don't feel as though I did too bad with the eating. I had spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner but other than that I tried to do well.

My weight this A.M. was 211 . 2

Day 1

Today is the first day of my BFL (Body For Life challenge) I have decided to buckle down and stick to the program as it was written. I went to the gym and did 36 minutes of what I would consider HIIT using Cardo Coach 1. I felt great afterwards. The eating is a whole 'nother thing. I came home at ate almost the entire half gallon of Dean's banana split Ice cream...Yummmmm! I know that I need to stop buying it because I obviously haven't acquired the willpower just yet to resist the temptation. Anyway my weight this morning was 211.6. I burned 325 calories and walked a distance of 2.12 miles.

Today I decided to fore go the gym and do my p90X at home. All I can say is WOW!! I couldn't even get through 1/4 of the tape. Well I probably could have but when you work out alone that is one of the drawbacks. You don't have anyone there to motivate you and push you to do just one more rep or just 5 more minutes of cardio. I'll work on that though. I tried out the pylometrics and that little 8 minutes or so (more or less ) really kicked my ass Mind you, the entire tape is about 50 or 60 minutes long so I have more than a way to go until I'm up to par with that one . I did a little bit of back and biceps as well but because I don't have a pullup bar at home, I felt like I wasn't accomplishing much so I stopped. By this time I was pouring down with sweat anyway. I just need to stick with it and get my diet in check and I will be good to go.

On a much somber note, I managed to take some before photos and lets just say I want to cry. I'm not sure if I will even post them here because they look a H.A.M. They truly do.

Another start day, yet again

Today will begin day one of my fitness quest. I know, I know, yet again!. I am just getting over a case of strep throat complete with the rash of scarlet fever and all. I don't really feel like getting back on the workout wagon but my body tells me different. I just want to be thin again and apparently since there is no magic weight loss pill and surgery is unaffordable and unattainable at this time, I guess I just need to get on it and do it the old fashioned way. Diet and exercise. I have until about the first week in August to get down to about 160 lbs. (which would equal about a 50 lb weight loss for me) I am definitely going to do it this time because I am sick and tired of being fat. yes I said it, FAT! I will take my beginning measurements and my starting weight as well as a few pictures and then I plan to do my hip hop abs tape and see how I feel. I know I will definitely need to hit the gym again in order to get an effective cardio workout but I'm not sure if I will be heading there this week. Anyway, that's the plan. I'll be back a little later with goals and the like. Wish me well!!

Today was day one for me.Yeah yeah, I know that I said that I would be starting yesterday but I got home so late that I just couldn't do anything but sleep. I made up for it today at the gym though. I did 31 mintues on the treadmill using Cardio coach. It went well but I think I pushed myself too hard. Of course I could only make it through one of the three challenges but that is okay with me. Gives me something to work towards and I'm sure I'll get there with consistency. I also did chest and back exercises on the machines and I intend to do some ab work as well. I must admit, it does feel great to get back into the gym and work out. I will definitely keep this up and with God's help Succeed in my weight loss quest.

Today, Here are my work out stats(just for cardio as I don't time the weight part)

31 minutes

352 calories

2.0 miles.

eating is good so far as well. I got a little late start as far as eating goes (10:30) but I will get there with a little tweaking.

Tomorrow is the big day. I will be out tonight and will most likely be coming home late and I know I won't want to hightail it to the gym but I am going to go regardless. I have my cardio coach downloaded so that I can have some motivation during my workout. I am also cookng my chicken breast so that it will be ready for tomorow. I must plan in advance this go round. Not having food readily available to eat is hard for me. I usually just tend to grab the first thing that is within my reach. I am really psyched though because I will do it this time I have until August 1st to lose this weight because I have a family reunion to attend. The entire family most likely will be there and I want to look good. Not to mention the fact that it will be in an extremely hot and humid state so I know I want to wear my tanks, tees, and shorts and I want to look cute in them.

I decided to post my goals week by week instead of overall goals. I wouldn't mind losing about 60 or 65 lbs overall but my goals for week 1 will be:

workout at least 5 days a week (1 free days)
drink at least 64 ozs water daily
lose 2 bs this week
do ab work on cardio days which will be Mon, Wed, and Friday and 2 days of weight lifting)

Here is my menu for tomorrow. (haven't had time to calculate the calories but I will try to stick as closely to this as possible): I'm aiming for between 15-18 calories a day and I will drecrease as I lose.

preworkout protein shake--2 scoops Designer Whey

2 slices turkey breast
oatmeal (weight control)
Glass water

These are options(I will not be eating all of this)
15 grapes( green seedless)
1 yogurt( maybe)
5 almonds
1/ cup cottage cheese and pineapples

1 boneless skinless chicken beast salad
light done right salas dressing
red wine vinegar
weight watchers baked ziti dinner

veggies, brocolli, mixed, or asparaus
chicken breast or steak

today is March 15th, 2007. I am going to stick with working out for at least the remainder of this month. Failure is not an option this go round. I'm starting with baby steps and working my way up to the big leagues. I will take my weight and measurements( as well as some photos which I probably will not be posting any time soon) My goal is to lose about 70 lbs by August of this year which is my family reunion. I want to be noticeably thinner so I can look cute again lol. Not the I'm ugly but I want the body back that I had (bK) BEFORE kids! I also don't feel like hearing the family's mouth about how much weight I've gained and how I better lose this weight because it isn't healthy. My grandfather is the lead singer of that song and everytime I see him I have to hear it over and over and over again. I let him slide because he is 91 years old and he has earned his right to say whatever is on his mind but I must admit it does hurt my feelings at times. My last visit with him, he proceded to give me magazine articles about diabetes and high blood pressure (which I do not have) and kidney disease and everything else. I obliged him and read it but none of those things affect me. Thank God!!!

Anyway, I also need to get some type of eating plan in order. I have come to the realization that restricting certain foods will not work for me. I just need to eat in moderation , cooll it with the fattening foods and the fried foods, and leave the "seconds" in the pot, pan or where ever. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at the gym yesterday and my initial thought was "Oh no! We are not having that". I'm starting off slow this time. I had actually made quite a few impressive strides before my long hiatus from the gym and the few times that I went back I thought that Iwcould still lift as heavy a weight as I did before. ...WRONG!!. I get it now, everytime, I take a leave I'm pushing myself back to the beginning. I was up to 200+ pounds on lying squats and now I can barely lift 60Lbs. I will stick to it and do it this time. I need some encouragement and motivation so feel free to leave me some words of wisdom.

Here are my starting stats: March 15, 2007

Weight 212 lbs.

BF% 46.8%

Neck 15

Shoulders 16.5

Chest 42

Breast 46

Waist (actual) 41

Abs (above BB) 45

Abs(at BB) 45.5

Abs (lower) 46.5

Hips 45

Thighs 28

Calves 15

Biceps(relaxed) 14

Biceps (flexed) 15

Here are my more structured stats:

Body fat percentage: 47.9%

Healthy body fat standard: 22.8% (Cooper Clinic adjusted for age)

Fat weight: 101.4 lbs.

Lean weight:110.6 lbs.

Target body weight: 143.2 lbs. (Your current weight minus the fat loss for health without any muscle gain)

Desired weight loss: 68.8 lbs. (The fat loss needed to reach a healthy level without muscle gain)

Body fat level: Very High

Suggested Exercise Level: general reconditioning, physical exam recommended

Disheartening huh? Yeah I know but I have until August to make some significant progress and I most definitely will!