Day 2

Okay , so the plan for today is to fore go the gym and work out at home. I also plan to do some additional Ab work because I need the most work in that area. I am so sore from yesterday, my arms feel like limp noodles. It was a chore to even wash myself, but like they say, " No pain, No gain!" I just can't wait until I can see some visible progress. I guess my number one priority is to see visible collar bones.

My non-existent collarbones( or at least the spot they are supposed to be)

I haven't seen them in years and believe me when I tell you that I will do a cartwheel and a flip when they finally decide to put in an appearance. I know it's not a normal goal but My mother told me that my grandmother told her and I quote: "When you can no longer see your clavicles, you are fat" so there I said I AM FAT and have been since I had my last child over 7 years ago. That clavicle comment stuck with me and now that is my first goal that I'm going to attain.

I did pylo today

Time: 21 min 18 seconds

HR: 144 Avg 164 MAx

Calories: 261


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