Time to step my game up.

I'm not sure if I posted this but I started working out again in December of last  year. I had a free trial at Curves (can't remember how long but I think it was either 14 or 21 days.)  After that trial ended, I decided not to join Curves, but instead to renew my Bally's membership.  I have been working out fairly consistently from that time until about the end of June.  I say fairly consistently because I missed a few weeks here and there but hadn't completely fallen off the wagon.  I started at about 231 lbs and had gotten down to 210 lbs in those 6 months.(not much progress I know but I was happy with it)  I began to see others who started their journey about the same time as me and they were 40, 50 and 60 lbs down in the same amount of time. Yes that was discouraging. I couldn't figure out why they were having so much success and I wasn't.  My mother who accompanies me to the gym from time to time said it was because I was sedentary.  Anyway,  I kind of fell off the exercise track once I returned home from my trip to Cali and as you can probably guess I am up 14 lbs.  As of today I weighed in at 224  point something.

I started back at the gym this week and am seriously thinking of entering the fitness challenge there starting Oct 1. I also have a session with a personal trainer for that same day.  I don't plan on using a trainer since they are too expensive but I will take advantage of my 1 free session.

Anyway what I have learned from this weightloss experience is:

1.  It is possible for me to lose weight.  I now know that I can do it!  I managd to lose 20 lbs and although it was a small amount of weightloss considering the time frame. I felt better about myself and realized that becoming a healthier weight is definitiely possible and I can do this!

2.  I will not have the kind of successful weight loss that I want without changing my diet.  I was under the impression that as long as I worked out without significantly altering my diet, I could lose and still eat whatever I wanted.  I'm not a fan of cutting out any particular food groups from my diet.  Nor am I a fan of the low-carb, high-protien, low-fat diet crazes.  Although I did manage to lose the 20lbs without changing my diet, I now realize that the reason why those other people were having far greater success than I was having was because they changed their diet totally and completely.  I have learned that this is a major step in weight loss and something that I will  have to work myself up to.

Anyway, thats it for now..tata,

Getting it right,

time to get moving

Okay, so its about that time again, this time I am getting an early start instead of waiting for New Years to resolve to get in shape.  Last year I started in December and managed to lose 20lbs. And that is with inconsistent workouts and no dietary changes so I know that it can be done.  I went to Cali this past June and when came home I was 210lbs (down from 230).  Fast-forward to today and I am 224.2 lbs. I know how I've gained.  Inactivity and eating the wrong things.  Since I've been back, I have not been doing anything especially on the weekends. If I didn't have to get up to use the restroom or get something to eat, I would be in bed all day.

I do have some motivation 1. Possible trip to Miami or Cali in June.  I was the "fat" girl this summer and I am more than happy to pass that title along this summer ahh well, so now for some mini goals.

1 workout at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes .
2 update my blog at least once a week
3 drink at least 8 8oz. Glasses of water per day.
4 lose 4 to 5 lbs by the end of this month to get out of  the 220's and into the teens.
I really need to get back to the gym as my membership will be expiring soon and I want to take full advantage of my money!11

Getting it right,