I know I've been slacking but I am going to commit to working out at least 4 days this week. (no less but anything more will be a bonus) I have to start off small. I had a big slap in the face this morning when I stepped on the scale. I'm back to 209lbs. which isn't so lovely. I was down to 203 (from 212) before my little hiatus. The extra weight gain may be attributed to it being "that time of the month" but nevertheless I don't like seeing those numbers on the scale. I am giving myself until August 1, of next year to have made it to my goal weight and to April 16 of next year to have made some visible progress. I have to remember to drink my water ( at least 64 oz.) and to get my eating in check. Yeah ,yeah, I had a McDonald's breakfast sandwich this morning but I will just press on from here. The sandwich wasn't meant for me but I ending up eating it because someone had a smart mouth and talked himself out of getting it and I wasn't about to let it go to waste. lol

I've always known that I was a morning person and if I don't get my workout in in the morning, I know there is a 99.% chance that I won't do it at all. I can honestly say that I have every intention of working out but as the days change and along with it my mood, My motivation wanes. I as worried about some things this morning, extremely anxious and had that feeling of not wanting to do anything. Anyway, I prayed on it and prayed again and Thank GOD it worked out for me. I felt a great weight lifted and now I feel like working out again.

I will update on the workout I did later!

Well......um what had happened was

Okay, I will be honest and just let it be known that I didn't do a dang thing today from eating right to working out! Booo! When I woke up this morning I had every intention of working out but somewhere along the way , I allowed my mind to talk my body out of moving. I just can't get my mojo back. I think the main reason that I was able to stick with it before my vacation was because I had a deadline to beat. I wanted to look good for my vacation and now that it has come and gone, I don't really have any major events that I absolutely, positively need to attend. I need to find a way to get motivated and stick with it. Reading other fitness blogs will certainly help me out, at least I hope so! Ya''ll wish me luck!

Back on Track

Okay, I decided to get up off of my butt and get moving. I was doing so well before my little trip and although it pains me to admit it, I haven't done anything since I've been back and that had been well over a month now. Needless to say, all the little progress that I made has been null and void! I'm so mad at myself because I had made noticeable strides. People were asking if I had lost weight and my grandparents even called to tell me that I looked cute, "almost like I used to look". Now I know that was a backhanded compliment and a little stretch of the truth seeing that I need to lose at least 60 lbs ( and I was a size 7 back then)but nevertheless, in the infamous word of Like Dat from Flavor of Love "They sure do know how to make a girl feel good" haha! I did Turbo Jam today and am still planing on making up my own schedule. I haven't decided if I am going to do a BFl type rotation or follow the one that came with the program. I am also thinking about adding SI6 into my routine as well but lawd, that workout is uber boring. I can make it through a few days but I'm not sure if I can go the entire 6 weeks. I'm determined to ...ah well, you know the spiel as I've said it year after year but this time..I will succeed. Before my little vacay I've had a taste of success and dare I say, slimness and I want it Back! It's way past time for my sexy to come back and once it gets here , it will definitely be here to stay. As P diddy says, gotta preserve the sexy!