Not consistent but I'm moving

Yesterday I walked/jogged on the track for an hour. I feel great when I workout but I don't know why I find it so hard to be consistent with it. I know that I need to lose weight and I know what it takes for me to do that so why am I not making the connection to get it and keep it moving. Oh well, I plan to walk on the track today as well.

Yesterday I went to Sam's Club and as I was leaving, I noticed the store people putting up a new display. it just happened to be for a Wii game that I planned to purchase but figured that I would have a hard time finding since I didn't pre-order. I was surfing the net and came across this game that was to be released on May 19th, The website said you had to pre-order it which I intended to do but I decided to wait until it was released so that I could read some reviews first. I wanted the Jillian Michael's bootcamp for Wii but after reading numerous bad reviews on how the game didn't pick up your movements and motions, I decided to save my money. However, this game is called Active Personal Trainer. I tried it a little bit after I came home. It comes with a stretchy band for upper body work and a leg strap pouch which is used to hold the knunchuck. Anyway, I entered my stats (by the way, it is compatible with the WII board but only for some of the exercises. During my use yesterday I hadn't encountered an exercise that asked me to use the board. just about everything that I did didn't need the board) but back to the game. I have the Wii fit which I found to be fairly easy so when it asked me what type of workout I wanted, I quickly respond intense. The game assigned 18 exercises for me which consisted of walking/ jogging on the track doing high kicks and front kicks, Cardio Boxing, Lunges, squats, inline skating and jumping, bicep curls, and a slew of other things and believe me when I tell you, you can definitely feel it. Especially those squats. If you don't have the correct form or the controls pointed in the correct direction, the game will make you hold the move until you get it right. due to my handling of the remote, I was in a squat for quite some time and believe me when I say KILLER!!. I plan to use it again today but this time I'm going to start off small. I'm doing the option of 30 day challenge and I finished about half of the exercises yesterday before I decided to quit which was a bad move on my part because I didn't get credit for any of the hard work that I did. Now I will be starting anew today.


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