In the next few weeks I will be embarking upon an 8 week challenge with a group of ladies.  I have purchased and read the book that will be guiding us through this challenge.  The book recently released and I purchased it and devoured it in a matter of hours.   I was really excited for this book because others seemed to have such great success with it... losing a good deal of weight effortlessly and in a relatively short amount of time.  I just couldn't wait to read it and find out the secret, no tracking meals, no points, no calories, and I can have ice cream, cake and alcohol ( granted I'm not much of a sweets person unless I get a craving) but it seemed right up my alley.

Like I mentioned, I devoured the book a few hours after purchasing and was a bit disappointed because there was no  magic secret, no holy grail to losing weight.  Honestly, I already knew everything included in the book so I felt a twinge of discouragement because it hasn't worked for me in the past.

I haven't always been a matter of fact, I didn't gain weight until I was 30 ish...after the birth of my second child.  With my first...I lost the weight within two weeks of giving birth and actually ended up smaller than I was pre-pregnancy.  Oh, did I mention I did nothing to lose the weight, NOTHING!...No dietary changes, no working just happened  and I was back into my size  nines within two weeks and I delivered at 211lbs and a size 18.  So...naturally with baby number two I figured it would be the same...I'd get back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time.  I delivered at 214lbs with baby number two and was only able to waft back and forth between that and 189 lbs.   Lol,  it's funny because I looked damned good at 189 even despite my bit of a belly but what I wouldn't give to be there again.

Although I still blame my weight on my "baby" who is now a teen, I just haven't been able to make much progress.  Similar to the author...I became obsessed with losing weight after not being able to get back down after giving birth.  I read any and everything that had to do with weight loss, nutrition, etc.  So all of the things that were included in the book, not only did I know but have attempted to practice at one point or another during my journey.  There's really nothing new to the author's way of losing weight.  The one thing that reading this book has done is made me really examine what I'm eating.  Sure I'm not a bread person and don't really eat it at home but if I'm out and I order a burger yes, I will have it on a bun even though I "don't eat bread"..  Sure I've cut out  sugar at home and don't really eat it but when I'm out and having a coffee give me those 7 creams and 7 sugars.  I also realize that I do tend to add a bit of sugar to my sauces and chili that I make at home as wel  without even realizing just happens naturally.

A lot of the "don'ts" in the book, I have been doing for quite a while...years even and have been losing and gaining the same 5-8 pounds for more than 10 years now.  My weight tends to fluctuate between 230 and 238 lbs and has for about that long as well.  Yet and still, I will participate in this challenge and concentrate on what I am really consuming which will be the hardest part for me.  I tend to drink smoothies and juices that I've juiced myself with veggies and some fruits.  Water is my main drink of choice and has been for about 16 or 17 years now.  I rarely if ever drink soda and if I's a sip of someone else's maybe twice a year if that.  I do have the occasional Gatorade( which I know isn't that good for you either) and a Bai( formerly bai5...wonder why they got rid of the when I want something more.  I'm also a tea drinker...Iced and sweetened when I get a taste for it.

But come this challenge which should be starting soon, I will be going over what I''m eating with a fine toothed comb and really cutting out the  things I need too cut out.
I already exercise and really have no problem doing so...I love Zumba and lifting...I also do a bit of treadmill and track walking/jogging...wayyy more walking than jogging as I have some knee issues,,,  IE pain.  I've started the couch to 5k several times and have never made it past day 3...I may give it another go for this challenge though.

While this challenge isn't big on lifting...I believe it's an integral part of losing weight so I will continue to lift while doing the challenge. Some of the people who have done the challenge...while losing weight..... seem to have issues with loose skin  I believe that it is such a big issue for some because they don't lift weights.  Now I'm not saying that weight lifting is the holy grail to avoiding loose skin but I do believe that it will help fill out  the skin in some of those areas and the less loose skin the better.

Anyway,  I will be back  when I start this challenge with beginning stats etc.

that's it for now....toodles!

Getting it right,