New Year New Me!

Happy New Year everyone!  As you have probably figured out by my lack of posting. my fitness quest kind of fell by the wayside back in August.  But that was last years news.  This is 2011 and New Year New ME!

I still need to work on my motivation but I'll get there.  I have plans to go out of town in June and I will be rooming with people that I've never met before and I don't want to be the only fat person there so that should be motivation enough for me.

I've also been attending Curves at least 3 days per week(i have a 30 day free trial) and while I like it (a lot of socializing while working out, and the workout is quick) I don't find it challenging enough for me coming from Ballys.  I do plan to finish out the 30 days but I don't think that I will be joining.  truth be told, I have everything that I need at home to lose weight successfully, I just need to get started.

I also toyed around with joining weight watchers online. I actually know the points that I would be allotted on the new points plus plan and decided to try it for a day just to make sure that I can do it before shelling out the bucks for a membership and needless to say, more than half of my points were gone by breakfast.  I don't see how I can possibly eat 6 times per day  and stay within my point range.  I'll  try it for a couple of more weeks to see if I'm able to do it before I make my decision on whether or not I will sign up.  I may even stop in for a free meeting just to get a feel for it.  I know mostly everyone who has done Weight Watchers has been successful on it but I would like to know the stats on how many regain the weight.

ANyway that's where I'm at right now.  I'll be posting more soon!

Getting it right,