I am still working out but I have too improvise and I haven't been able to make it to the gym due to the kiddies being out of school. I'm still doing my p90 but I haven't been getting in much cardio. I attempted to do my cardio coach outside at 10:30 A.M. and nearly passed out due to the heat. needless to say I didn't finish the workout and decided to nix that idea. I did manage to make it through the first 6 intervals of work out 1 challenge 1 and half of the 1 minute sprint of challenge 2 before I gave up. I was pouring down with sweat. I have decided to dig out and dust off my walk away the pounds video to help me get some walking in , hopefully this will be effective. Diet ...hmmm, not so good. I really need a structured eating program or better yet, I need to sign up with one of those dieting services that deliver your meals to your home. I know I could meet my goal if I could do that, I just need to see what is available out my way and look into the pricing. I know there is a Seattle Sutton,s here but I think they are muy expensive. I don't know We'll see.


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