Day 1 of my challenges begins tomorrow

As you all may , or may not know, I have joined several challenges that are scheduled to begin tomorrow. although I have been working out somewhat consistently since mid May, I will be starting at Day one for the purposes of these challenges.

I have joined the BFL challenge
and the p90x challenge with both start tomorrow.

I plan to combine the two workouts together in order to get the most out of the challenges. I was also thinking about Maybe adding Slim in 6 or some other type of workout to my program depending on my time constraints and my ability. I will test it out and see if I can fit it in on occasion.


1.Lose at least 5% of my body fat
2.Drink at least 70 oz. of water a day
3.Workout at least 5 times per week
4.Do an ab workout at east twice a week (this is my most neglected body part and also the part that needs the most work and I find myself making excuses not to do any exercises for them)
5.Log my meals every day

I will also keep a running total of my calories and exercise minutes and calories.

I will try to stick within the 1800-2100 calorie range and adjust accordingly as weight loss occurs.

I will be posting mys tarting stats today or either tomorow as well as beginning photos but I'm not sure whether or not I will be posting them.

I wil aslo be eating 6 times per day ( 3 meals and 3 snacks)


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