today is March 15th, 2007. I am going to stick with working out for at least the remainder of this month. Failure is not an option this go round. I'm starting with baby steps and working my way up to the big leagues. I will take my weight and measurements( as well as some photos which I probably will not be posting any time soon) My goal is to lose about 70 lbs by August of this year which is my family reunion. I want to be noticeably thinner so I can look cute again lol. Not the I'm ugly but I want the body back that I had (bK) BEFORE kids! I also don't feel like hearing the family's mouth about how much weight I've gained and how I better lose this weight because it isn't healthy. My grandfather is the lead singer of that song and everytime I see him I have to hear it over and over and over again. I let him slide because he is 91 years old and he has earned his right to say whatever is on his mind but I must admit it does hurt my feelings at times. My last visit with him, he proceded to give me magazine articles about diabetes and high blood pressure (which I do not have) and kidney disease and everything else. I obliged him and read it but none of those things affect me. Thank God!!!

Anyway, I also need to get some type of eating plan in order. I have come to the realization that restricting certain foods will not work for me. I just need to eat in moderation , cooll it with the fattening foods and the fried foods, and leave the "seconds" in the pot, pan or where ever. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at the gym yesterday and my initial thought was "Oh no! We are not having that". I'm starting off slow this time. I had actually made quite a few impressive strides before my long hiatus from the gym and the few times that I went back I thought that Iwcould still lift as heavy a weight as I did before. ...WRONG!!. I get it now, everytime, I take a leave I'm pushing myself back to the beginning. I was up to 200+ pounds on lying squats and now I can barely lift 60Lbs. I will stick to it and do it this time. I need some encouragement and motivation so feel free to leave me some words of wisdom.

Here are my starting stats: March 15, 2007

Weight 212 lbs.

BF% 46.8%

Neck 15

Shoulders 16.5

Chest 42

Breast 46

Waist (actual) 41

Abs (above BB) 45

Abs(at BB) 45.5

Abs (lower) 46.5

Hips 45

Thighs 28

Calves 15

Biceps(relaxed) 14

Biceps (flexed) 15

Here are my more structured stats:

Body fat percentage: 47.9%

Healthy body fat standard: 22.8% (Cooper Clinic adjusted for age)

Fat weight: 101.4 lbs.

Lean weight:110.6 lbs.

Target body weight: 143.2 lbs. (Your current weight minus the fat loss for health without any muscle gain)

Desired weight loss: 68.8 lbs. (The fat loss needed to reach a healthy level without muscle gain)

Body fat level: Very High

Suggested Exercise Level: general reconditioning, physical exam recommended

Disheartening huh? Yeah I know but I have until August to make some significant progress and I most definitely will!


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