I will Succeed this time

I'm back on the fitness trail again. This time, I will be embarking , yet again , on my quest to lose some weight and I will be starting P90x on Monday until then, I will b doing some Kettlebell routines as well And I may even add in Insanity for cardio. Hopefully, I will have a workout partner in my son but we all know how wishy washy kids are.

I'm a competitive person and I have relatives in other states that will also be doing P90x so this will most definitely be motivation for me to stick with it. Can't have them looking better than me when we all meet up again.

I will also try to blog my progress and food intake. Well I actually have a nutrition program that calculates everything for you but I'm too lazy to input the information lol. It's time consuming and also, because I don't measure, it's difficult for me to gauge amounts in oz, etc to actually get an accurate reading.