Day 3 Reflections time to tackle Day 4

I still have my momentum going. I did Turbo Jam cardio Party yesterday and got kind of frustrated since my timer wasn't working correctly. I had to keep stopping and starting and the frustration got the best of me. I only made it through 21 minutes of the 50 minute video. eating was okay, Not as good as my first two days but I'm okay with it. I ate a few small slices of pizza. (2 oz) and yes I did weight them. lol and a few katydids ( I call them turtle candies, don't act like ya'll don't know what turtles are) Anyway, yes I ate them most likely just because they were there, My mom, "grandma" as the ids call her is at it again and sent them over with her sabotaging self. Of course she didn't make e eat them but now they're gone and no more worries. I don't think I veered off track to bad a matter of fact, I don' think that they will even mess up my calories as far as my eating for the day but I'll know for sure once I plug in all the number from my meals.

Anyway, Today is a new day that started off not so good. I weighed myself yesterday and weight 219.4 and again today and the scale said 220.4. That's not supposed to happen. I know with daily weigh ins, the scale tends to fluctuate up and down quite a bit due to a variety of reasons. I also know that taking measurements and the fit of your clothes are much better indicators of how i'm doing in my fitness program but I can't help but feel a bit down about it. Today I have resolved to put my all into my workout today and get back on track with the 100% clean eating. I've already started on the right track by having a bowl of oatmeal. I had to choke it down because I didn't doctor it like I usually dow ith my cream, butter, and splenda. I'm also going to try my hardest to get a second workout in. This has been on my agenda since day 1 bt as of yet, hasn't happened and there really is no excuse.

As always, YES I CAN!

Day 2

Right now I'm sweating and feeling great. I just finished my workout, level 1 of Jilian Michaels 30 day shred.   Talk about an ass kicking video, this truly kicked my butt.

 This is my first time using this video and I like it because Jillian is just as motivational on the tape as she is on Biggest Loser.  I had a few moments where I had to just stop and walk it out for a moment becuase this tape is a total body workout, alternating upper and lower body strength training with bouts of cardio and abs in between. Oh did I tell you the workout has no breaks!!!!!  It's 20 minutes of non stop weights , carido,  leg work and abs.

You are supposed to do this every day for 30 days but I think I will give it a go every other day anticipating the day when I can complete the entire video.  

Eating has been good so far, in a minute, I'm going to have a snack. I'll have to force myself to eat it because with all of the water I drank during the workout, I'm not hungry.

I'm still in the tweaking phase so I haven't quite gotten a routine down yet, I'm still trying to see what things work for me.. anyway that's it for now,


Time: 20:50
Calories 305
Avg HR157
Max HR 181.

The time and calories are a little bit inaccurate because I had my tracker paused for a good 10 minutes before I realized it.

First day Reflections

It felt so great to be back on track with the working out and weightloss.  I felt refreshed and just excited to be working out again.

I can honestly say that I ate clean the entire day, no cheating what so ever except for a pack of Orbit gum and even that's sugarless.  I ate boiled egg whites, broccoli, chicken breasts, turkey breast, and salmon, and an EAS shake.  That's it and  I  can honestly say that I wasn't even hungry.  I tried to spread my meals out every 2 or three hours  in an attempt to get 6 meals in but  I only managed to get in 4 and I suspect that is because I didn't get to eat breakfast until 10 am.  I also managed to get in one workout but the plan was to get in two. One in the morning and one in the evening.  Today was a cardio day so I did HHA (Hip Hop Abs) earlier and I planned to do a walk away the pounds tape in the evening but I couldn't find my tapes so that was a bust.  Today I will be doing weight training. Haven't quite decided whether I'm going to break it up into body parts  or whether I'm going to go for the whole body until I get back into the swing of things.  
Upward and onward to day 2!


Offically Day 1

Okay well I have a little extra motivation to get it back right and tight.   Something must be in the air because  as of late, I have reconnected with several old boyfriends and needless to say, they all still got it going on while I, on the other hand, look  nothing like I did when we were together.  One is looking particularly fine these days, dayum is he looking fine, arms, chest, abs.  Whew lawd!!!!   Not to get off track but i'll be dayum if I'm gonna let them look better than me (I know it's shallow,  so very shallow) but ladies you know what I'm talking about.  Doesn't matter who broke up  with whom, doesn't matter how long it's been since you've been together, doesn't matter how many men you've been with since said relationship, you always want your exes to see you looking fierce and fabulous.    
Now don't get me wrong, that's notthe only reason why I want to get in shape.  I am just tired of looking like this,  not to mention I had a health scare earlier this year and while I'm fine, I know that my health and my happiness will greatly benefit by getting and staying in shape. I also want to be around for a long time for my children and future grand children,  I want to be one of those MILFs,  lmao!!

Anyway.  I did 30 minutes of Hip hop abs
415 calories burned
151 average heart rate
179 max heart rate.

I plan to do another workout later on this evening and I'm trying ya'll, I really am to eat clean.  
I plan to cook my food for the week so I won't get too hungry and start grabbing at the first thing I can get my hands on.

While my family can  undoybtedly benefit from a healthy lifestyle as well. They'll stone me before they allow me to take the  snacks out of the house.  
I'll just keep repeating my mantra,  

The Chick Is Back

Nothing like a few photos to snap a girl back into reality.  Now I, in no way am under the impression that I am not overweight but  viewing my family reunion photos,  lawd, I look big.  
However, I still have no motivation to get myself in shape, nevertheless, I have resolved to get moving today.  I don't even like to post photos of myself because this is not the me that I want to be.  I have truly fallen off big time.  You'd understand if you saw photos of the way I used to look.  It's a sad state of affairs indeed.  On another note, I have created a  facebook account at the request of my cousin.  I have reconnected with a few college buddies  but despite the requests, I refuse to post a photo because I have  changed so much since then . Sad I know!  I figured its time for me to stop talking the talk and to start walking the walk.  I know what I need to do, I know how to do it, I have all the tools that I need to do it so there is nothing left but to GET TO IT!!