Yes, I'm still here

I am continuing to workout using Turbo Jam and HHA mainly. I haven't really been doing much weight training but when I return from my vacation I will most definitely get back to weight training. As of this morning (according to my scale) I weighed in at 203.8 lbs. down from 212(my heaviest) I tend to fluctuate between 206 and 203lbs. (Yes, I'm a daily weigher due to the program that I use to log my foods. It asks for your weight daily) Anyway. I just wanted to update. No new pics yet but I did get a new digicam. Whoohoo. I LOVE it! It takes awesome photos and videos and I can see us having a relationship for a very long time! lol

I'm still working out.....

although last weekend was sporadic at best, I'm still hanging in there. I didn't get around to doing any of my p90X last week and this week I can surely tell the difference. I decided that I would start a little small and do p90 instead and it just wan't the same. Wasn't feeling it for some reason. I just can't wait until I can see some visible progress because I don't know whether or not I can trust my scale. I have all the incentive in the world. My ex called me and wants to see me...NOT! I am so not going to see him looking like this. Mind you, we haven't seen eachother in at least 9 or 10 years although we talk from time to time. Everytime the conversation is the same, "I want to see you". To add on to that one of my girlfriends whom I also haven't spoken to in eons called me and wanted to invite me down to her grand opening of her boutique. Now I do have a legitimate reason for not attending and I told her before she issued the invite but I'm sort of relieved because the last time that I saw any of these folks ,I was a skinny minny. Now my ex did see me after I had my first child as did said girlfriend, but that was okay because I was able to lose all of the baby weight and I was actually smaller after than I was before I even became pregnant. Now second child is a whole 'nother story. Boy did that child do a number on my body and no one besides family (which cannot be helped) will be seeing me until this weight is gone and forgotten. Shallow I know, but so be it!

Week 2 Day 1

Still at it, Yes I am! I decided to follow my workout by the book although I am doing other workouts in addition to it. We'll see how I do for the entire 6 weeks before I create my on workout rotation. So technically it is week 1 day one for my SI6 workout. I worked out for 6 days last week( Monday through Saturday) with sunday being my much needed rest day. Today I did my chest and back workout as well as HHA and RIU!. I am tired but I feel great! Working out does make you feel really good.

I'm still working on my diet. Today I have resolved to track my meals for at least 6 days, Everything that goes in my mouth. So far I have done pretty well with the eating but my sodium intake is through the roof. Who knew foods had so much sodium in them and they are supposed to be natural foods. (well I had a hoagie from a hoagie shop and it has 1585 MG of sodium. WOW! I have no idea what a normal daily allotment of sodium should be but I will be researching that soon. I just can't wait until I lose some inches in my waist and abdomen and then, I will most definitely be good to go!