what has gotten into me.

could it be that I am a changed woman? I was up well into the night checking out the photo gallery for the p90X program and I was motivated like a mug to 'Bring it". I already committed to starting the BFl challene on June 1st but I really want t o do p90x as well. so I figured I workout BFl style in the A.M. and do p90x in the P.M. Now I have no intention of over training but I will be mixing it up a bit so that I can achieve the results that I want. I have a Dr.s appointment today for the dreaded pap, I don't care how old I get, I will Never, ever, ever get used to those stirrups and speculum. Blahh. But anyway, My appointment is for 9:45 this morning, so I decided I would forego the gym and workout at home. Now why did I keep thinking about the gym? Anyway, I decided if I leave now I will have a 2 hour time span to do my cardio and still be back in enough time to shower, change and make it to my appointment. Now is that determination or what? Especially since a week ago this time I would've been on that I'll miss it and make it up tomorrow. Not this time, Ya girl is ready to "BRING IT!!".


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