Day 2

I was thisclose to not working out at all today because I was trying to finish doing my hair. I really didn't feel like doing anything after a while but I got to reading all of the posts on various message boards as well as success stories and photos and I was motivated. I did an upper body workout today using my dumbbells that i have at home.

I did chest press and pushups

bicep curls and hammer curls

tricep kickbacks and tricep press

heavy pants and seated row(I used bands for these and didn't feel the burn like I wanted to )

I also did one round of shoulder press.

I really feel the most burn when i was working my biceps. I also don't feel as though I did too bad with the eating. I had spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner but other than that I tried to do well.

My weight this A.M. was 211 . 2


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