1 down too many more to go

So yesterday went well.  I got up and moved my behind and did some upper body work.  I only completed 1 round (out of 2) and am choosing to stick to my motto.... baby steps.  Hell, I haven't worked out with any consistency since August so my body needs to adjust to the trauma of exercise  first. lol.   I'm usually the type to jump in head first and over do it which leads to my getting burned out real quick so I had to purposely slow it down a tad and make an effort to start off slow.  I also decided to revisit some of my favorite fitness websites and have made it a point to even join a challenge.   Someone on one of the forums posted about this site quite some time ago and I do like it, if for no other reason than  its a chance to meet other people who are in the process of losing weight. Its similar to Myspace but for people who are interested in weightloss.  I think its kind of cute and I love the fact that they have challenges that you can enter to win prizes.  (I know ya'll are probably thinking well, dayum!  What's the name of the site? ) and I'm getting to it... PATIENCE! . But  anyway, you can even start your own private challenges.  There is one starting on Jan 2 entitled The Biggest Loser, but unfortuantely, it is all filled up.  I'd be interested in starting one if anyone is interested.  Anyway, here's the site and please feel free to add me as a friend,  I am Soon2Bfit on the site!

Oh, yeah, I got so caught up in talking about other things I forgot to give an update on my eating.  I did fairly well , I didn't get around to plugging in all the numbers to see my exact stats (I'm using a program that tracks your nutrition.)  Towards the end of the day I was hungry as hell, I know ya'll know that feeling , so I ended up eating a bowl of life cereal.   I didn't eat too much  but I was having some serious cravings.  Let's just hope that it was due to my body ridding itself of all the bad junk.  I know it will take time and I don't expect to just get on this healthy eating kick in one day.  As is everything this go-round.  I will start slowly!  This week's goal is to get back to drinking more water.



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