Week 1 day 4

I have been doing really well. I've long since given up on the BFL and decided to try various exercise videos at home. I've been working out 2 and sometimes even 3 times a day and my eating has been good also. I'm not following a particular diet but I have managed to keep my calories under 1600 except for yesterday. I haven't logged my meals for yesterday yet but I did end up having 2 hamburgers and a half an order of small fires from McDonalds yesterday. To make up for it I did an extra workout. Turbo jam 20 min. I really am hoping to see some major progress by my Family reunion in August. It would nice if I could lose at least 15 or 20lbs. by then.

I really am loving my routine right now. I look forward to working out everyday and dare i say it, I'm becoming addicted. That's a really good problem to have. I really need to buckle down on my eating but with the big food festival coming up it's going to take all of the strength and willpower that I have to resist , resist, and resist some more. maybe I'll head down to the fest on my free day.

I did take some photos and was highly disappointed because I see NO change whatsoever. I know it's only been 4 days and really, what visible changes did I really expect to see in all of 4 days. i have decided to stay away from the camera, the scale, and the measurements until day 30 and then I will see what type of progress I've made. well. that's about it for now, off to get ready .


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