This week I decided that I could stand to be a bit more meticulous with my program. Yes, I only managed to work out 5 days last week because my schedule was totally full over the weekend. My kid had a race and we got up at 7:30 and didn't make it home until well after 5 P.M. As I've probably mentioned before I am a most definitely a morning person so if I don't work out in the A.M. I know I will not work out at all. That's just me so needless to say I am one workout behind. Of course I could double up on the workouts but nope, I'll just keep chugging right along. I had planned to go to the gym to do some cardio (even though today is an upper body day) but couldn't manage to make it because of yes, you guessed it, the kid again. This time, said child conveniently forgot to do the works consulted page , and outline for a research paper that they had a month to get done. It was due today so we were busy picking up where we left off last night. I had to use my gym time to escort him to school so that his tardy would be excused. All wasn't lost though, I did manage to do my upper body workout at home using my dumbbells and I did get to try out a new piece of workout equipment that I picked up. ( yeah, like I really need anymore work out things). I also picked up the BFL book Friday, (if only I could remember where I put mine) and managed to thumb through it. I basically remember everything that the book entails from my previous efforts but I still plan to read it through again. I also took my "before" shots but I have to think long and hard about posting. YES, they are THAT bad.


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