Week1 day 1

I know you guys are tried of seeing my many "Day 1's" but the truth is, I have been rather consistently working out. I just decided to start anew in order to have some folks on the boards to work out with. I'm a big time procrastinator and I need all of the motivation and support that I can get. Today I did my p90x as well as slim in 6. A sista is sore I tell ya. Debbie looks like a little pushover and after previewing her slim in "Start it up" Dvd My thoughts were "Piece of cake!" I wasn't even sure if I would do it because it did look rather boring as there is no music and just Debbie talking. Needless to say, It was just as boring as it seemed but that workout was killer.( at least to me) I'm the type that gets all gugn ho and likes to jump right into something so normally my MO is to skip the beginners tapes and start up instructions tape and get down to the nitty gritty. I don't think I will be doing that this time around. I think I better stick with the "start it up" for my entire first week and see how I
feel after that.

So far so good, on the eating. It's 12 and I've had 2 boiled eggs and 1 egg (and just the egg) from a Mickey D's sausage McMuffin with egg sandwich. What's a girl to do? My kid despises eggs and the clean -up woman came to the rescue but eggs are good right? Anyway, I'll be back with the specifics of today's eating. 'Tis all for now!


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