Today was day one for me.Yeah yeah, I know that I said that I would be starting yesterday but I got home so late that I just couldn't do anything but sleep. I made up for it today at the gym though. I did 31 mintues on the treadmill using Cardio coach. It went well but I think I pushed myself too hard. Of course I could only make it through one of the three challenges but that is okay with me. Gives me something to work towards and I'm sure I'll get there with consistency. I also did chest and back exercises on the machines and I intend to do some ab work as well. I must admit, it does feel great to get back into the gym and work out. I will definitely keep this up and with God's help Succeed in my weight loss quest.

Today, Here are my work out stats(just for cardio as I don't time the weight part)

31 minutes

352 calories

2.0 miles.

eating is good so far as well. I got a little late start as far as eating goes (10:30) but I will get there with a little tweaking.


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