Day 11

The weekend has come to an end along with my weekend binge and I was back in the gym bright and early. I did my cardio coach today and am so proud of myself as I hit my personal best. There are 3 challenges in the program and usually I just do up to the cool down of challenge two but today I finished the first interval of challenge 3. I wasn't nearly as tired as I thought that I would be. Yayyy me! I'm almost positive I will be doing some more workout today so I may be back a little later on to update.

As for my eating, it was totally out of control this weekend. Yesterday I topped off the damage that I did Saturday with left over Hooter's wings, a Klondike, some icecream, pizza, and Flaming Hot Cheetos (it was a small bag that really makes a difference) but I am determined to be fit so I will do much better this week.

I came home after the gym today and put on my pot of water so that I can boil me a few eggs to have on hand. Why did I look in my refrig, and see that we had no eggs, not a one! Is it that hard to let me know( leave a note or something) that it's time to restock up on certain food items? While I was out Saturday, I received a phone call stating that we were out of bread and asking if I would pick some up (the eggs were apparently used within 3 minutes of that phone call) now, how much trouble would it have been to say "Pick up some eggs too." Needless to say, I am pissed that instead of picking up eggs on my way home, I now have to go back out (burn more of my $3.65 cents per gallon gas) just to go get eggs that I could've gotten on Saturday had folks been considerate enough to let me know that they used them all. GRRRR @ mi familia! End Rant! Whooooo, that felt good!

Workout time: 30 Min (2 min cool down)
Calories burned: 408
distance : 2.17 ( not too sure as the summary ended before I could get a good look)
HR: Avg. 152 Max176


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