Week 2 Day 1

Still at it, Yes I am! I decided to follow my workout by the book although I am doing other workouts in addition to it. We'll see how I do for the entire 6 weeks before I create my on workout rotation. So technically it is week 1 day one for my SI6 workout. I worked out for 6 days last week( Monday through Saturday) with sunday being my much needed rest day. Today I did my chest and back workout as well as HHA and RIU!. I am tired but I feel great! Working out does make you feel really good.

I'm still working on my diet. Today I have resolved to track my meals for at least 6 days, Everything that goes in my mouth. So far I have done pretty well with the eating but my sodium intake is through the roof. Who knew foods had so much sodium in them and they are supposed to be natural foods. (well I had a hoagie from a hoagie shop and it has 1585 MG of sodium. WOW! I have no idea what a normal daily allotment of sodium should be but I will be researching that soon. I just can't wait until I lose some inches in my waist and abdomen and then, I will most definitely be good to go!


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