Went to the gym and did the Precor machine for 35 minutes. I used cardio coach again and it wasn't as difficult as I thought. I can definitely afford to step it up a bit next time.

Time: 35 Minutes
Distance: 2.37 miles
Calories: 348.6
HR: avg:143 Max: 172

Today was also my first day of my p90x challenge. I had chest and back today and it was tough as I really, really, REALLY hate push ups. I will admit that I did a few lat pull downs on the machine at the gym but I really feel that I am getting a good workout here at home using my resistance bands and dumbbells. (I also have barbells, a weight bench, treadmill, fitness ball and everything else probably known to man) but these shall do. I am contemplating buying a pull/chin up, bar but until I can do one unassisted, these bands will do. I also did some Ab work. Can you say OUCH!!! I'm doing it though so that is all that counts. Needless to say I will be working my way up in the numbers to some of the exercises though, sort of a friendly competition with myself. Beat last sessions numbers. Ring a bell?

Eating was so so

Total Calories.1876 (F=62{way too much fat} C=128, and P=191) within my caloric allotment but a little off in the way they were divided. MUST WORK ON LOWERING FAT INTAKE!

DAY1 is a DONE DEAL. WHEW!!! *wiping brow*


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