Dayum shame I tell ya

This time I will keep pushing on. I had a reality check the other day. Yes, I know that I have been lounging around for the last few months with nairy any physical activity. Of course, I noticed that my double chin which was only visible from the side is now visible from the front and Hell yeah, I noticed that my size 16 jeans are now tight and can barely fasten but still I figured I will start back working out after the  weather breaks, after all, I have at least until July to get in shape.

Well all of those excuses flew out of the window when I stepped on the scale and saw 231 staring back at me. Well Dayum! I never would have thought  that I would have made it into the 230s let alone the 200s. I vowed that I wouldn't leave the teens once I got to 200 and then, when I hit the 220's, I vowed never to make it to 230 and here I am, Fat, disgusted and busted!

 Needless to say, I got up and got my behind to moving. I have been logging my workout on WOWY and this makes day three for me. I'm feeling good about it and I am determined to keep this up for the entire month. If I can get my eating in check I should be good right?

I don't really eat that much and I know all big people say that but I really don't. I just eat the wrong things. Like lately for the past few days I have been snacking on this blackberry cobbler with whipped cream,. Lawd-a mercy. it should be outlawed but the last of that is gone and I really need to get it together. I know what I need to do, and eat. I know that I should be logging meals and keeping track of things, I know all of this but why can't I seem to stick to it?

It would be so nice to workout and see some results just like that. I was on a forum to`day and I was looking at some photos of someone who completed a 90 day workout program and went from 210 to 184 which is awesome. I was so inspired and then I read that she didn't see visible progress until week 7. WEEK7? That is almost 2 months.  Hell it's discouraging to put your heart and soul into working out for a month and not see any results even though you know they are coming . I think that is my problem but God and I will have to work it out because I cannot stand being this big. I dread the summer when I can no longer hide behind my big clothes, coats, and sweaters. Summer is the time for skin and while I plan to show whatever it takes to keep me cool this summer, I won't be happy about it. The good news is that there is still time for me to lose something so I am committed. Here goes.

I'm back. You know the spiel

I have got to do something about this weight. It is getting seriously out of control and I'll be damned if I hit the 230's. The plan was to start on Monday but I can't seem to get my ass up and get it moving. My face is huge (cute but huge) I have gotten a double chin and my waist is just out of control. I went shopping for a dressy coat over Christmas and I saw plenty of cute coats but when I tried them on, they looked awful on me. I just want my waistline back and I'd be good to go. I'm tired of looking like I am expecting. haha. So the plan is to work out at 3 days a week and increase my water intake. I've been traveling over the last two months and my diet was horrible. I'm getting it in in 2010. Lmao!