day 10

Yesterday was so not a good day for me. well work out wise it was excellent but after all that hard work what did I do? I came home and at not one but TWO bags of Doritos (they were the small sizes, I'm not that greedy) and an entire bag of Lifesaver gummies. That's right, I ate the whole, entire bag. I only intended to eat a handful but I got side tracked and looked down and the dang bag was empty. Then to top that off I had a few slices of pizza for dinner. Not to be making excuses because we all know the excuses spiel but I was out until a little after 1 without having had anything to eat. By the time I got home not, only was I famished, but I FAMMMIISHHHED! I know now to at least bring something to tide me over until I can get something to eat for real, for real. I just couldn't think of anything because it was hot and by the time I got back to my car everything would've been hot and nasty. I think I'll stock up on boiled eggs because I absolutely love then and they an stave off the hunger for me. Anyway, today I went to the gym. It's not a cardio day but I did 45 minutes of cardio anyway. I did it on the heart rate monitored weight loss setting and ending up walking at a speed of 3.0 with NO incline. needless to say, I didn't even break a sweat so I don't know how effective that could be but at least I got up and got moving.

Cal 375.6
distance 235
time 45 min
HR 122avg
138 max


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