I woke up this morning and did my p90 . I completed it but took some unscheduled rests because I had to get the kid ready. I also plan to do HH abs as well . I really need to get this weight off of me. A good 60 lbs or so would do me just right! I have this reunion coming up and I need to be looking good and to me that equals a noticeable weight loss.

On a random hair note,I have an appointment for color and/or highlights on the 10th. Yippeee! I have to see what the stylists says but right now I'm thinking a light brown base color with caramel or golden highlights, who knows, maybe even blonde. I think that would look hot. Right now my hair is the blackest black you can find,(yes it's my natural hair color) Blah! I'm leery because I had been having some scalp issues back in December which resulted in some bald spots. I received a diagnosis and prescription shampoo and the bald spots have filled in beautifully, but my hair is still trying to play catchup and I refuse to cut again. I ( cut it down to an inch or 2 back then). My hair is rather healthy lately and I don't want to cause any unnecessary hair drama with the single all over color and then the highlights. At least with the highlights, I can at least have them skip over the scalp issued areas. lol. We'll see, We'll See!!

I will stick with this weight loss thing though. I have to crack down as my time is running out. August 1st (my self-imposed deadline) will be here before I know it!


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