Lean Cuisine Steam Fresh Meals

I'm a fan of Lean Cuisine meals. I usually pop one in the microwave when I don't feel like cooking. Imagine my surprise when I was walking through the frozen food aisle at my local grocers and saw the new Lean Cuisine Steam Fresh meals. I grabbed one (Chicken Alfredo). It sat in the freezer for about two weeks before I tried it out (I'm also a fan of the steamfresh frozen veggies as well, beats boiling or steaming the old fashioned way).

Anyway. I decided to make this on the weekend for lunch and it was okay. I say okay because I have my favorite Lean Cuisine meals and while I absolutely love the Chicken Alfredo with broccoli, this had a different taste. I think it was the seasonings, but anyway, the kid and I shared this meal.
                            Sauce  looks a little watery (could be because the plate was big)

Nutrition Basics


Diet Exchange:
1 ½ Lean Meat
1 ½ Starch
1 ½ Vegetable
½ Skim Milk
Weight Watchers® Points® *5


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