Tomorrow is the big day. I will be out tonight and will most likely be coming home late and I know I won't want to hightail it to the gym but I am going to go regardless. I have my cardio coach downloaded so that I can have some motivation during my workout. I am also cookng my chicken breast so that it will be ready for tomorow. I must plan in advance this go round. Not having food readily available to eat is hard for me. I usually just tend to grab the first thing that is within my reach. I am really psyched though because I will do it this time I have until August 1st to lose this weight because I have a family reunion to attend. The entire family most likely will be there and I want to look good. Not to mention the fact that it will be in an extremely hot and humid state so I know I want to wear my tanks, tees, and shorts and I want to look cute in them.

I decided to post my goals week by week instead of overall goals. I wouldn't mind losing about 60 or 65 lbs overall but my goals for week 1 will be:

workout at least 5 days a week (1 free days)
drink at least 64 ozs water daily
lose 2 bs this week
do ab work on cardio days which will be Mon, Wed, and Friday and 2 days of weight lifting)

Here is my menu for tomorrow. (haven't had time to calculate the calories but I will try to stick as closely to this as possible): I'm aiming for between 15-18 calories a day and I will drecrease as I lose.

preworkout protein shake--2 scoops Designer Whey

2 slices turkey breast
oatmeal (weight control)
Glass water

These are options(I will not be eating all of this)
15 grapes( green seedless)
1 yogurt( maybe)
5 almonds
1/ cup cottage cheese and pineapples

1 boneless skinless chicken beast salad
light done right salas dressing
red wine vinegar
weight watchers baked ziti dinner

veggies, brocolli, mixed, or asparaus
chicken breast or steak


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