Week1 Day 2 Up and at 'Em in the early morn!

Today, I put on my Tennis shoes (yes, I said TENNIS SHOES, not sneakers haha) grabbed my water bottle, towel, and my ipod so I can crank my Michael Jackson tunes and I was up and on the track today by 6:01 A.M. That's right 6:01 A.M.

 I walked for an hour and jogged a bit, not much, but I did jog.   Ihad a protein shake and a Sausage McMuffin with egg for breakfast. (yes, that evil Saboteur strikes again lol)  No, but I know I can't blame her, It's up to me to say "no."  I'll just log it as a meal and see how I end up at the end of the day. I have already met my step count (8000 per day) and my moderate activity (45 minutes) all by 7 this morning.

I said a little prayer this morning and thanked God for giving me the willpower to get up and get moving this morning and asked him to continue to grant me grace and the strength to keep it going until I meet my goal...  It felt good. I may not even be done yet for today,We'll see.

I skipped the Plyometrics for p90X. I'm not ready. I live in a condo and I find myself stifling myself so as not to make too much noise and you know how that can be because Plyo is all jumping. When I attempted to do p90x previously, I would do the plyo on my rebounder(mini trampoline) and that worked out well. Maybe I'll dig it out later on but for now, I'm subbing with alternative forms of cardio and today it was walking!


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