Day 1

Today I started p90x and dare I say it.... My son started with me. I feel good because I was able to do some things that he wasn't able to do. He was laughing at me and saying"Aww Mom, you only did 7?" and here he could only do three... so take that! haha.

Needless to say we are both out of shape. He is more a skinny fat who needs to work on his strength more-so than losing weight. Anyway, I get heart palpitations at times (is that what its called when your heart skips a beat?) It has nothing to do with my weight( at least I don't think that it does) as I have had this for as long as I can remember, even when I was a child and thin, so I had to take a longer break than I normally would. We both decided to just do the first round with tentative plans of finishing up the second if we feel up to it.

I feel like like kicking myself in the butt literally for not sticking with my workouts. There was a time when I could not only complete both rounds but also do the bonus round as well as chalean's cardio Party3 right afterwards.

I now realize that this is something that you definitely have to keep up and make a habit else you lose all of the gains and strides that you've made.

I saw an advert on TV for Bally's in which you can print out a 7 day pass. I'm thinking about doing that next week to see if I can get up and make it there. I have a Bally's membership that I let lapse. if all goes well and I consistently make the trek to the gym, I may pay it up for a year and see how I do.


It feels good to be working out again

I should have never stopped

Baby steps because I don't want to burn out..AT ALL!

I really miss my heart rate monitor. I'm a "Now" kind of girl and I want things when I want it. On the one hand, I don't want to send my monitor in to have the batteries changed because it may take too long to come back and I have had too many problems with sending things in for repair(computers) but I'm still leary. On the other hand, the nearest AUTHORIZED repair shop is 4 hours away. Now I could make the drive, pay the tolls and wait while it's being repaired but in the end it will end up costing me more. Same day service(with 4 hours of travel) or 3 days on premises , shipping and return shipping costs and however long it takes for the post office to deliver it on top of the 3 day repair time. Hmmm decisions decisons. If anyone is reading and have experience with Polar heartrate monitors and battery changes let me know how the process worked out for you. Thanky!


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