And on the Seventh day....

Well, in this case the 6th ( and for me because I started midweek) the third....He rested. Yesterday turned into a rest day for me. I fully intended to do day 3 of p90x but my time, literally, got away from me. Today I will definitely workout though. It is just too hot for everything, Too hot outside PERIOD!! Hot inside (even with ac) hot in the car (even with ac)...just HOT!

I've been trying to get to the beach for a while now but because the kid has summer school, my hopes of getting there early enough to find parking at all (never-mind GOOD parking) is virtually nil. I refuse to take public transportation. Not that I'm too good for it but I just cannot see myself lugging a cooler and beach paraphernalia around on a bus or train, and don't even mention the 90 plus heat-wave going on.

I tried today but no one wanted to get up. The summer is winding down and I haven't been swimming yet. I didn't buy pool passes this year(regrettably) because we have been doing a lot of traveling but it would figure that during the hottest summer we've had yet, I didn't buy pool passes. Yes, I could pay as I go but let's see, 9 bucks a day times 4 or 3 on occasion, (every day or dayum near) is more than triple the little $150 plus I would've paid had I made the deadline before the season started. I may cave and buy it but I want my money's worth. I missed out on June and half of July and my pride won't let me purchase so close to the end of pool season, I'll feel cheated in some way. lol don't act like you all don't know what I'm talking about.  You know...YOU KNOW!

Anyway, I'll get to the beach eventually. Wish me luck!


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