Help! I'm Really Needing One of These Right About Now

What is it that I need you ask?  A Swift Kick In the behind is what I need. I'm at it again, instead of getting up and getting my workout over and done with I keep putting it off.  first I need to check  my social networking sites, then I need to eat breakfast, Oh now I need to wait 2 hours to digest the food, but I really need to do laundry.  I'll just do double tomorrow to make it up.  When will this stop?

I know that you have to do things consistently for a few weeks in order for it to become a habit but I am just ready for it to kick in already.  This back and forth with me has got to stop. Is it two weeks before  it becomes second nature?   Right now I do not love working out (at one point I did relish going to the gym and actually enjoyed lifting weights.  Cardio, on the other hand is something that I probably will never enjoy and unfortunately its what I need the most  being as heavy as I am.)

 How do I get to the point of at least not minding cardio? I know I'll never be a lover, but can I at least get to the point where its "Eh, I must do it and I don't mind doing it."   I was up at 3:a.m. this morning ( who knows why), went back to sleep and woke back up at 5:15 am.  I thought about getting dressed and going to the track to walk for an hour  but  of course, I talked myself out of it and ended up laying back down.

Now, one thing that I do know about myself is that I'm a morning person.   If I don't get it done in the morning, then 9 times out of 10, it won't get done.  So..I am currently bent over and I welcome any and all kicks to my butt to get me in gear!

Udpate:   Thank you so much Nicole for you  words of encouragement.  Your comment got me to thinking. I realized that If I want to see the results, I need to put in the work.  I have been singing this same, sad weight loss song for the past 10 years and guess what?  The weight hasn't magically disappeared.  I am in worse shape now than I was initially when I realized that I needed to lose weight and have been steadily increasing in weight year by year.  I have got to stop it with these excuses.  I know I'm long winded but I said all of that to say this:  I did It!  I completed p90x leg and back  today!.  Yes, my legs are like limp noodles but I finished.
One more thing.  I have been subbing the pull ups with different free weight exercises. I have  bands but I don't think they are effective enough.  I saw a few pull-up bars (the kind that don't need to be mounted with screws) in Wal-Mart but I really don't think that the moldings in my doorway will hold up.  I can't do a pull-up anyway but I really want that bar!

Getting it right,


I've always loved lifting way more than cardio. I'm doing Power 90 right now (since as I mentioned on a different post that P90X scares me!) and I actually find that I look forward to the cardio workout way more than the sculpting one! It's crazy! The only rational thing I can think of is that it pushes me, but it is still doable so I look forward to seeing how much more I can work it. Keep pushing play!

Thanks. I have had Power 90 for years and have never finished it . (mine are on VHS) which goes to show you how long I've had them. I don't like any cardio, Not even walking. I do like Hip hop abs and rocking body, that is something I can do.

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