It's Not Enough That....

I'm overweight but do I have to be Apple shaped too? Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with the "Ideal" Shape. I tend to gain most of my weight in my belly and waist area as opposed to the hips, thighs and butt as is most desirable.  Add to that the fact that I am no longer in my 20's then I may as well kiss my hour-glass dreams goodbye!

I don't understand it because I come from a family of pear shaped women. My mother says "Oh, you got that from your dad's side" as she walks past me with her badonkadonk. Hell yeah, I'm jealous!. I would love to have a big butt as opposed to a big gut, I mean who wouldn't?

It's no secret that people who are apple shaped are more prone to having obesity related health problems. Oh great, one more thing that we apples have to deal with!  The fact that abdominal (visceral) fat, which surrounds your internal organs, can greatly impair their normal physiology means that it is imperative that we work hard in losing the weight.  So what's an apple shaped gal to do?

Thank God I don't have any medical problems from being overweight so I don't need to take any medication, but we all know that losing belly fat is 10 times harder than  losing in other areas, at least for me it is. If only spot reduction actually worked ~sigh~. Truth be told, If I had a flat stomach... (well, it doesn't even need to be flat, just significantly smaller) I'd be good!

Just one more thing before I go...I mentioned that I ended up doing p90x Legs and Back yesterday. Well, based on my recollections of my previous attempts at completing the p90x program, I fully expected to wake up to soreness in my quads and hammies (hamstrings). I was surprised that neither one of those muscle groups were sore but rather my gluteus, I've never felt a soreness there before. now either I'm doing something right or I'm doing something wrong. I won't complain because I could always use a bigger derriere.

So what are you, an apple or a pear and how has it been losing weight for you?

Getting it right and tight,


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