Getting rid of the toxicity in your life.

I decided to begin  the New Year with a "Dear John"  or in this case a "Dear  Fat" letter getting rid of the toxicity and negativity in my life.

"Dear Fat,

I'm breaking up with you, I've been seeing someone else who has offered a healthy relationship. I know I have kicked you out before but this time it's for good, I want you GONE! By the way, I'm going on vacation this summer and you are not coming. I know that you will miss me but believe me, it is not you, it's me.  Besides Gym makes me happy. Please don't try to worm your way back into my life because it will not work. This is our last goodbye..Forever!

Getting it right,


Lol I think many of us decided to break up with our fat significant others on the 1st. Good riddance!


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