I knew there was a reason....

Why I prefer to work out alone.  Today I went to the gym with 2 people who shall remain nameless.  Anyway, I headed for Zumba class while they looked at me through the window for  a little while.  After class I joined them on the stationary bike where they were engaged in a conversation about Red Lobster.  One even suggested we go after we left the gym.  Anyway, they piddled about for a few minutes and then we left.

On the way home, one is hungry so we end up at all places ....Wendy's.  I tell them to drop  me off first but no, it's out-of-the way so I go to Wendy's with them and they just had to sit down and eat. Yes, I could have stayed in the car but its 17 degrees out there today.  Needless to say, those fries and burgers were calling me and I caved.   I have got to work on my willpower.

The good thing about it is that I haven't been hungry since I had the Wendy's and that was about noon.  Since then, I've had blackberries and gum and that's it.   I think I'll be heading to the gym solo from now on or at the very least driving myself.

Getting it right,


Wendy's has some awesome salads! :-)

The last salad I had at Wendy's was the Mandarin Chicken and I don't think they make it anymore. They actually had a sign highlighting the 4 or 5 salads that they offered and I seriously considered getting one but during my 10 minutes of indecisiveness, was unable to choose between the four.

Until you are strong in your willpower, it's probably best to avoid those sabotagers (not friends). I have the opposite effect on my circle....at first I would just order healthy and say nothing now it they're with me they also lighten up and order healthier.

Thanks for the tip Sunshyne BossChick. That's great that you are having a positive affect on your circle...I'll get there! I am working on my will power :)

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