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I had a pretty good week workout wise.  I'm sure that I've mentioned this before but I am a pretty competitive person and I entered a challenge that began on Jan 3.  You can either use your Garmin heart rate monitor, Body Media Fit, Fit Bit,  Run  Keeper or whatever activity tracker you have  to track  your activity.

The challenge consists of a maximum of 420 points total for the 7 days of the challenge. The winners will be chosen from  two groups of people, those who earned 360 points and above and  those who earned at least 100 points.

Let me tell you I worked my butt off for those points..  I would either go to the gym and come home then upload and see how many points I had.  If I  hadn't reach my allotted daily points of 60, I would have to get up and get moving again  until I reached 60, which usually took me a little over 2 hours  or 17,000 steps to reach.  The day that I didn't get to the gym was the most difficult.  I was trying to fit in activity anywhere I could but I was literally up at 10.00 pm moving about trying to get my points up.
 Sunday was also difficult as that is usually my rest day...I didn't  reach my max points for that day but  in the end I did reach 364 points out of a maximim of 420 which is pretty dayum good for me.

I entered another challenge again for this week that  starts Tuesday but decided not to participate as I want to get back to weight training.  For these last few months( as sporadic as it may have been) I've been focusing all of my attention on cardio.  With the BMF( Body Media Fit or in my case, Go Wear Fit)..it doesn't really calculate activity from weight lifting so I had to focus on cardio for the challenge in order to meet my goals and I didn't want to do that again this week.

I found that I really pushed myself to get those points and my workout was the better for it.  I don't think I'm that disciplined to push myself outside of a competitive environment but I'm working on it.

I haven't been watching what I eat in the sense that I am not denying myself anything.   I know that in order for my weight to move in the direction that I want it to move, I have to change my eating habits.  I just have to ease myself int it...I find that I'm good until dinner.

Normally, throughout the day, I will have an egg white omelet with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, cheese and  occasionally onions. I'll snack on blackberries when I get a craving.  For lunch, I'll  have a Lean Cuisine or sometimes if I'm not really hungry ( I'll just have the berries)  pretty healthy meals but dinner is when I will have whatever, fried chicken, pasta with sauce, yessss.....even fast food.  I guess I have to work on my dinner time habits and focus on cooking more.

I also need to work on tracking what I eat.  With the availability of apps, keeping track of virtually anything is so easy to do and I have a million apps( for my phone and computer both) that I use  but I need to be consistent.  I just find it too time consuming to track my food intake accurately.  To get the food, weigh it on the food scale then write it down so I can enter it into an app just takes too much time.  I have done it but never for an entire day as I usually forget to weigh something or I don't really pay attention to the portion size of something  that I ate and then my tracking is off for that day.

I have to find some type of way to to track my calories in an easy, accurate way and then I'm sure I'll start to see the pounds drop.

Getting it right,


It's amazing how similar we are on some issues...lol. Thanks for following my blog (and I will return the favor)I am the picture of a great meal plan follower until the dreaded dinner time. I'm working on maybe eating the same thing but controlling portion size first...guess you gotta start it somewhere.

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