I have just been feeling so overwhelmed these past few days due to my lack of enthusiasm for Christmas shopping. Normally, I'm not the type of chick to execute without a plan but I did just that two days ago and wasted damn near an entire day.

I was running around from store to store trying to collect Christmas list items and coming up empty at every angle.  If they weren't completely out of stock, they were out of the size that I needed and that went on at store, after store, after store.    I came home feeling defeated and worn out!.  I did, however, manage to have some luck  online with free one-day shipping so that took the edge off a little bit.

I decided I needed to regroup and execute a plan before I hit the trenches yesterday and Thank God it paid off.  I was able to find everything that I couldn't find the previous day and guess what?  All of the stores were located in the same general area so no running back and forth.    Yayy!!  I can finally relax, relate, and release somewhat.  ;)  

I still have one more gift to get for my mom, the woman who doesn't like anything and who has already told me not to get her anything because she isn't  too enthused about Christmas.  (I get that same spiel every year from her so I'm used to it by now)  Gift cards are out of the question, tried that once and she hated it!!  She was looking at boots the other day and I thought about getting some for her but can't find her size anywhere.  I'm really at a loss here.   I'm going to ask my Aunt and see what she thinks my mom would like...hopefully we'll come up with something  and then I will finally be able to Wooosahhh.....breathe girl breathe!

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