Weekly Wrap Up

This is where the Zumba "Magic" happens

 Last week was pretty lackluster as I really didn't do much.  After Wednesday's Zumba fiasco, I  decided I would work weights back into my "routine" but needless to say, I didn't pick up any weights at all.  I did however, attend Zumba on Saturday and it was a workout.   It more than made up for Wednesday and I left out of there feeling like I had been in a war.   The class was packed and when I say Packed...I mean PACKED!  People could barely fit in the room and when I looked back, I saw people literally pressed up against the door and the walls.   I'm always early so as long as I get a spot, I'm good.

 A girl in the class told me it was jam packed  last Monday as well,  Not just the class but the entire gym. She said she couldn't even get in the door  for the class and all the machines were taken.  I thought about going  last Monday too and am so glad I didn't  because I can't do the "waiting for machines to work out" thing.

Anyway, I absolutely love this instructor.  She has a mixture of music from  Merengue to Hiphop,  and she is extremely energetic and personable.  When the class was over,  some one, who had taken the class with her for several months now,  asked  us to stick around while she presented the instructor with a trophy for being so good.  It was thoughtful and the instructor was very appreciative.  Unfortunately she only teaches one day and week but I think they should really think about adding her into the rotation more often.  She is that good and the best thing about the class is that you leave feeling like you really had a workout.  One full hour of Zumba with no offical breaks.  Hmmph..just thinking about it  gets me winded.  lol

Next up is the eating....I still haven't tidied up my diet YET. My mom had a birthday and I cooked dinner.....Steak, Lobster( which, by the way, was phenomenal) baked potato,  garlic bread and asparagus spears (in lieu of a salad out of pure laziness.) It was so much food that I could not finish my steak or my potato(which I trashed)... but I will be finishing that steak later.....TRUST!

Had I been thinking, I would have taken a photo of the finished meal..after all, it was my first time ever cooking lobster myself and man..that lobster still has my mouth watering.  Anyway, I'm still working on my eating but I will get it right  sooner, rather than later.....Oh,  I also stocked up on my favorite...BLACKBERRIES!!!  I  bought 24 packs at 50 cents each. You can't beat that!  Can you say WINNING!!!!!
                                              Blackberry Score!!  Notice 2 packs are missing..yummy

Getting it right,


I've been hearing so much about Zumba, I have got to try it. Have you tried the Dvd's? Maybe I should start there and see if I'm able to do it first.

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