Summer Challenge Week 1

First Day of the Ready For Summer Challenge was yesterday and wouldn't you know it, It's "Shark Week" 'round these parts.(IE that time of the month)  Needless to say,  I'm bloated and crampy and eating everything  in sight.....( well not really everything) but things that I shouldn't have eaten like Birthday Cake, Pad Thai, and a Philly cheesesteak.

Hmmph!!!  I'm off to a raring start and to top that off I didn't do shyt yesterday as far as exercise is concerned.   Oh well, today is another day and I did do much better today, at least on the exercise front.

 I did manage to get in some Spring cleaning, and quite a few hours of cleaning I might add ,and finished it off with a Latin dance class at the gym.  I went  in expecting it to be like Zumba but it was much more difficult. It focused on Latin dances with some added kicks, punches and squats thrown in.  We did a bit of salsa, African dance, Merengue, Salsa and the instructor..( the same who  taught the cardio kick box class from hell) was full of energy and very motivating.  I think I'm going to add her class in to my rotation on Tuesday evenings.  Now on to the important  challenge related stuff....;)

1.This week I will shoot for a pound and a half weight loss goal.( although with "Shark Week" in full effect, I don't see how its possible)

2. Let's see goal..I have to get back to you on this one
3. Nutrition wise, let's see...I will incorporate a vegetable with every meal.  It seems simple enough for some but it is so  hard for me considering the only vegetable I usually eat is spinach in my morning omelet.

4. I will stick with my exercise at least 4 times this week.  I missed Monday but It's still very ;ossible for me to meet this goal.

I hope everyone who is is participating in the challenge is doing well.

Getting it right,


shark days happen to the best of us but it sounds like you are
bouncing right back. Have a great week!

I would love to join the challenge. Can I still link up and get started although a week late???

I love how you called it shark week, I've never heard that before but it sure makes sense :D

@Janelle Flint... Sure The challenge just started's the link if you're still interested..

Good luck with week one... shark week destroys me on the scale too. Sometimes up to 5+ lbs!

Wow, the latin dancing sounds awesome! My dream is to learn tango and I love watching all those styles of dance! x

I think it's a great goal to incorporate a vegetable in each meal!
Good luck :)

Sounds like great goals! How did you week go?

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