Things are finally getting back to normal after my 3 week hiatus. These past few weeks I have been involved in a work project that threw me totally off track.

The early morning to late evening hours left me without a plan or the ability to fit in workouts so although my mind told me that I could do a little something when I returned home, my body said take your azz to bed which is what I ended up doing every single evening lol.

Saturday was my first day back to working out and I rejoined my 8:30 AM Zumba class. I thought my absence would make a huge difference but I was okay, still able to keep up and not overly winded or anything like that. Feeling good about being able to work out again, I decided to take a cardio kick boxing class Monday evening.

I wasn't sure what cardio kickboxing was but I assumed that it would be similar to Billy Blank's Tae-Bo or Chalene Johnson's Turbo Jam...I had no clue what I had gotten myself in to.

The instructor walked in and asked how many of us were new, myself and several others raised our hands and she went on to say that she tends to tailor her classes to all levels so no matter if you are a beginner or advanced, you would be able to fare well in her class.

During the warm-up she had us doing a bajillion squats from regular to 10-count and then she had us doing push-ups as well, also regular and 10 count! Have you ever tried to do a push-up, raising -up to a count of 10 and then lowering yourself to a count of 10? Murder! True to her word, she did modify some moves such as jumping jacks, and jumps and things but this class, in my opinion was in no way geared to a beginner such as myself(even with modifications) because that was just the warm-up.

The real workout consisted of various punches and kicks, which I was expecting, but also a good deal of jumping as well. When she added in an excessive amount of one hand push-ups, burpees, and something called the Chinese fire walk, all I could do was watch and count in unison because there was no way in hell I was even attempting to do that. While torturing us mercilessly, she proceeded to walk around the room watching and correcting forms, yelling in some instances and taunting us with how we know, now that the weather is warm, that we want to fit into our shorts and tank tops which will not look good with extra arm and leg jiggle. lol

Love her as an instructor and she had a very nice fit body, but I told the girl next to me( who didn't appear able to do much in the class either) that I had no plans to come back having resolved in my mind that this is something that I would need to work my way up to. She told me to just stick with it and keep coming back and while I haven't totally made up my mind to do that, depending on how I feel, I may try it one more time. Needless to say, I am still feeling that workout TODAY!

Now I just need to work on my eating.

Getting it right,


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