Friend Makin' Monday: Current Favorites

 Current Favorites

1. Song -Too many to count but what comes to mind is "Lady In MY Life" by Michael Jackson

2. Drink –Iced Tea and Mojitos( alcoholic beverage of choice)

3. Physical feature of the opposite sex (or the sex that you find attractive) – a man with a sexy back with just the right amount of muscles...will do it for me every time...add in a nice chest and some abs and I'm done!

4. TV Show(s) –Currently, I'm loving "Revenge", "Nikita", and "Once Upon a Time" in that order.  True Must See TV!! I also Love True Blood but haven't watched since season 2.

5. Actor/Actress – No favorite at the moment.but Blair Underwood is sexy as hell!  lol

6. Book –I really loved 'The Shack".... I tend to love nearly every book I read though so If I were totally honest, this list would be entirely too long.  Just finished "The Hunger Games and loved it as well. Currently reading Catching Fire( the second in the trilogy) and I probably will feel the same about it too.

7. Form of communication –I'm such an "emailer" or "texter". I'd much rather "talk" over the computer than face to face...sometimes that holds true...even if I like you!

8. Exercise – I have currently fallen in love with Zumba.  This is really something that I can stick too forever.  It's a great workout and so much fun!

9. Food –Lasagna, whole crabs and Philly cheese steaks are my favs.  Oh  the things I would do for a good cheese steak and some crabs right about now!

10. Quote – "What one compromises to gain, One must also compromise to keep" My pastor said it a few years back and I always assumed that he was the originator of the quote.  It's something that has always stuck with me throughout the years and it is so very true!

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Getting it right,


what a fun way to get to know you better. :)

Mmmm - mojitos! Yum! Lasagna is always a favourite here too.

My mum does zumba and I'm always tempted to try it! It looks so fund and lively. :)

@Susie...go ahead and give it a try. You will not regret it, it is so much fun!

I love Revenge too! And also lasagna. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to fix lasagna for dinner when Revenge comes back on!!

I wrote something very similar on my answers for favorite books. I could never just pick one, as I love almost all of them. I also just ordered book one of the Hunger Games last night; I should get it on Wednesday. :)

@Xazmin...Lasagna and Revenge u say? What time shall I arrive? lol

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