II know I sound like a broken record

with the "I'm back" thing but I am officially disgusted with myself. I mean I knew I had gained some weight but after having found inspiration in reading some blogs about weightloss success, I decided that today I would start this journey again and get this weight off for good.Anyway, what I was saying before I went off track was that I knew I gained weight but dayum. when I stepped on the scale this morning I was not prepared for the number that stared up at me. 227.8 pounds. may as well be 230 POUNDS! WOW!! How in the hell did I let that happen? I was so upset that I was determined to workout even though I really didn't want to and had already eaten a sausage Mcmuffin with egg from McDonald's for breakfast. I know bad food choice but the good thing is that I walked/jogged around the track for about an hour and 5 minutes. Yay Me!!! Even better is I burned off the 440 calories that was the Mcmuffin. In addition, I decided to start Chalean Extreme and I had the nerve to get winded and tired and I was just on the warm-up. I did a few minutes of it but had to stop when it got to the pushups. I'll try to pick it up again either later on this evening or tomorrow.

What I need to do is get a plan together. I'm also using a program to log my meals in which I need to weigh in everyday(which I really didn't want to do) I'd much rather weigh in weekly. I think my first goal will be to lose 8lbs this month. I think that's pretty much doable at 2lbs. a week. I'll be back with more of the game plan. 230POUNDS UUUGH!!!!


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