Today is day 4 and I'm still chugging along

I'v manage to walk for at least an hour for the past two days and yesterday. The Kids and I participated in The Crop Walk to stop hunger. The initial route looked rather daunting but as we walked it became more bearable. The entire route was 6 miles. We walked with the kid's friend and parents. I'm quite sure I could have made it the entire miles but because the kids were complaining of being tired (even though they were adamant about finishing the entire route) the other parents thought it best to trick the kids by shortening the route just a tad bit. I'd say over all we walked maybe 5.75 miles out of the 6 which isn't half bad. We walked a little over 2 hours and I burned about 1130 calories which really had me happy. I was elated about the calories burned until I came home and logged my meals and found out that the Quiznos turkey sub that I had for dinner contained a whopping 1330 calories. I was floored. I checked every website I could find just to make sure that the calorie count was correct I mean it was a turkey sub. I think the mayo and the bread were the most calorie laden things it contained but 1330 calories? WoW.

Today I figured I would switch it up a bit. The plan is to do Hip Hop Abs or Rocking body instead of walking. I may take a walk a little later on this evening if I feel up to it.

I'm beginning to realize how much of a factor proper nutrition is in regards to losing weight. Imean, I've always known that eating right is 90% of the equation but I figured I could still eat the things I love. That's going to be a hard thing for me to overcome. Right now, I'm not really cutting any particular things out of my diet. I'm just trying to stay within my calorie range, cut back a little on the sugars and "whites" and then we'll see how it goes from there.

This daily weighing in sucks. lol I had lost 1lb in the 3 days since I started and now I'm back up where I started. I know weight fluctuates daily depending upon what's going on with my body but it is a little disheatening. I guess I'll just have to suck it up and do what i know I need to do in order to get this weight off for good!


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