And the saga continues....

I wasn't able to get in any exercise yesterday although I had every intention to do something. I had a headache that would not quit and unfortunately it lasted most of the day. I couldn't do anything once I made it home but pop some Tylenol and try to sleep it off. I have been getting headaches more than usual lately. I have no idea why. I used to only get a headache once every blue moon and now it seems to be happening more than I like. I don't know what's worse, a headache or a stomach ache....but I know I don't want either one.

My eating has been so so. I haven't really been watching what I eat and yesterday I was starving. My headache wouldn't allow me to stand up too long so I ended up grabbing a Tv Dinner and a bag of cheetos. Wrong food choices, I know, but I was starving!

Anyway, today I plan to make up for it and burn some calories. According to my food log, I had a pretty nice sized calorie balance banked up to borrow from in case I go over on my allotment but today it's at 491...which isn't so good. I'm going to work on building it back up. I also need to get back to walking in the mornings. I haven't walked since Sunday's 6 miles. well I did walk about 20 minutes to pick up the kid from school but I have to get back to my hourly walks if I want to see some progress.(which the scale simply refuses to show me...I'm at the same weight I was on day one) I know it hasn't been a week yet but I was counting on losing 2 pounds per week Wassup with that?


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