What's on your workout Playlist?

There's nothing like the right music to get you through a workout. In my case, that means anything with a thumping, booming bassline.   It's no secret that I don't really like cardio( in the traditional sense) and when I'm on the treadmill or elliptical or whatever machine I'm using, I often find myself counting down the minutes until I'm done.  I need a distraction to keep my mind off of the time and I find that my workout playlist usually does the trick!

When I'm slacking on the treadmill and "Boom Boom Pow" comes on I  find myself picking up the pace and moving with a bit more intensity and let's not even talk about a Michael Jackson song.( The amount of Michael Jackson music on my playlist is ridiculous...so I didn't even bother listing it)

My playlist  helps to keep me happy and energetic during my workout as evidenced by my ear to ear grin when one of my favorite songs come on!( people are probably thiking what's up with her? lol).  It's easy to become so engrossed in the beat, the lyrics, the music that I completely lose track of time and suddenly, that dreaded workout wasn't so bad after all.

I've been using this playlist for a while. I have my staple songs and add to it from time to time but since I'm always on the look out for good, motivational workout music..I'm always curious to see what others are using to power through their routines so what's on your playlist?

Getting it right,


You have a nice playlist:

Some of mine include:
Shots - LMFAO and Lil Jon
Church - T-pain
Paralyzer-Finger 11
Imma be - Black Eye Peas
Telephone and Poker Face - Lady Gaga

I have some others too, but I wanted to keep it clean! lol

Black eye peas and pitbull has some of the greatest workout music.

I'm an odd duck in that I don't workout to music and don't even have any kind of MP3 player. :-) I do have a few favorite CDs I listen to in my car. Skinny Songs is one that's very motivating and I use it when celebrating a smaller size. :-) Keep making healthy choices!

I love these kind of posts because I tend to listen to the same stuff and then get sick of it! Here are some of my favorites:
Red Alert - Basement Jaxx
Me Against the Music - Britney Spears
Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J
Demon Speeding - Rob Zombie
Never Gonna Stop - Rob Zombie (he's not for everyone but I LOVE him) :)
Pon de Replay - Rihanna (not a fan of hers at all but I love this song!)
Titanium - David Guetta featuring Sia
Turn Me On - David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj)
Wild Ones - Flo Rida featuring Sia

Thanks everyone!! I'm going to add some of these to my playlist to mix things up a bit! @Carbaholic...I love these types of posts too! I've found a lot of music that I wouldn't normally listen to this way!

I like the look of your playlist! So cute!

I love Michael too!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone. I see we both have some tunes in common and
I will check the rest out (although I'm familiar with most)
Thanks for sharing it

I have Avril... and Pink. Finger 11 too! There is so much good music to choose from, it's easy to lhave a fresh playlist almost every day!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Stereo Hearts

Here through FMM.

Soca music makes the BEST workout music for me. I go to a soca fete and I'm guaranteed to lose atleast 5 lbs on the dancefloor.

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