FMM: Before Photos

Friend Making Monday: Before Photos

  1. Are you on a weight-loss journey?  Have you lost weight in the past? Are you trying to lose it now?  Yes…I am currently on a weight loss journey. Other than the 20 lbs. that I lost over the summer( and since managed to gain back) I haven't really lost weight before. Yes, I am trying to lose weight now.
  2. Do you like being in pictures, or do you shy away from the camera? For some odd reason I absolutely love being in pictures although I do not like the way I look in them now that I've gained weight.  My problem is not being in a photo but actually having people see said photo...especially people who have not seen me since I've gained weight.
  3. Does looking at old photos of yourself motivate you? Truthfully, I haven't looked at an old photo of myself in quite some time.  Since I was always comfortable with my weight in the past, I guess it would be rather motivating.
  4. Weight-loss bloggers, do you post progress pictures on your blog?   I have yet to see any progress so this isn't really applicable.  Once I see some SIGNIFICANT progress, I may consider posting a comparison photo but that would mean that I'd need to take a "before" photo first.
  5. Will you share a before photo with us (even if you don’t have an after yet?)  the only "before" photos that I have is before I gained weight.  I'd have to take a before(weight loss) photo first and then think loooong and hard on whether or not I'd post it.  I think I'm going to get on that soon.

Your turn!   Head on over to Kenlie's and don't forget to link your blog!

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I hope you'll be brave and post your before picture. I know it's nerve wracking but I promise you that fellow weight loss bloggers won't be judging you. It'll help keep you accountable. It's definitely hard, but it seems that the more information you share (exercise, diet, pics, etc), the more success you'll have. At least that seems to be how things work from the blogs I follow. Best of luck to you!!! :)

There will be zero judgment from the rest of the weight loss community, trust me! But you will find that you'll post when you're ready. It took me months to tell anyone I knew in real life about my blog/journey, and now I'm so glad I did. :) Keep it up!


Thanks for the encouragement ladies... I don't know what it is about posting pics. Well yes I do. If I was assured that only the weight loss community would see them, I would post pics every day lol. I'm terrified that someone from my real life will stumble across my blog, see pics of me and post them every where. My immediate family knows that I blog although they don't know what my blog is about and have never read it. I'm not even concerned about them. I've been "hiding" out for so long from people who have not seen me since I've gained the weight that it has become a way of life. Passing up trips, reunions, etc. I just don't feel like going through the "what happened, you used to be so pretty that I used to be scared for you, you got fat"...and yes, someone (much bigger than me mind you) had the nerve to say that to me. Most times, I could care less what people think about me but I just can't seem to implement it when it comes to my weight.

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