Weekly recap

 So far so good.  Last week went surprisingly well.  I managed to work out  4 days this week.  I can't remember whether or not I worked out on Monday so I'm going with four.

I mainly used the Precor machine and the treadmill.  I mentioned my dizzy spells and "lightheadedness" so I didn't push myself too hard.  I kept it rather light and only did about 35 minutes on the machines but I still managed to work up a  pretty good sweat.

                            The Precor machine                                       I even worked up a sweat

As far as my eating goes, that was a total bust..not because I went overboard but because I didn't track my meals nor did I limit myself  as far as the types of food that I was eating go.

Really, I find that to be the hardest thing for me.  I KNOW  that I need to change my diet in order to have the kind of successful weight loss that I am determined to have,  I just can't seem to stick with this diet or "lifestyle" change  mentality as it pertains to my eating.

I really do not eat a lot, sometimes only 2 meals ( if you can call a boiled egg and a few slices of turkey breast a meal) a day.  I should just track what I eat in a normal day and then  come up with a plan from there.  We'll see.

This week, I plan to add in weight training.  I know that this is crucial to my losing weight and I really actually prefer weight training to cardio.  I have quite a few weightlifting workouts that I can do at home as well as the option to use the machines at the gym.  We'll see how it goes but the plan is to alternate cardio days with weight training days in sort of a Body for Life style set-up.

I also plan to work on my water intake.  I normally drink a lot of water but switched to orange juice in an attempt to get over this cold.  Now I need to get my taste buds re-acclimated to the taste ( or lack there of) of water again, so I'm going to drink at least 64 oz. a day this week.

I'm also going to try to keep track of an entire day's food intake for at least 2 days which I think is a pretty lofty goal for me.  Tracking really isn't so much the problem as is getting the accurate amounts of what I'm eating.  I have a digital food scale that is great but I'm not always able to weigh every morsel that comes into contact with my mouth.

Say I have a few chips here and there (I know, I know I should not be eating chips but it's my reality) or a bowl of home made soup from my mother...   there is no way to possibly log the amount accurately and that is the crux of my problem.    I can guess as to the amounts but then is that really an accurate depiction of my calories.  le sigh...   I'll get there!

Getting it right,


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