I Attended my first "Real" Zumba Class!

 I had the opportunity to try out my first Zumba class  on Saturday.  I love, love, love Zumba!  I have the DVD's,(Exhilerate and Zumba Fitness) and the Zumba game.
About the class, it started at 8:30 ( or at least it was supposed to) so when I arrived at about 8:20, I was fine until I saw that they were already in action.  Me and and another lady were looking at each other like WTF?  I asked the desk attendant if it starts at 8: 30 and she says yes as she looks over and sees them already moving and grooving.  Anyway, I  join in the class.

The instructor was a ball of energy. I mean there was no stopping this chick and she had a body to die for....she was ripped.  Since there were only a few of us first timers in attendance, she really didn't take the time to go over the moves (we just had to get in where we fit in...lol) aside from this one move that consisted of some really quick, fancy footwork.   She said people ususally have a hard time with that specific step so she walked us through the basics.    There were still a great deal of people in the class who couldn't quite master it but that was okay.

I really enjoyed myself and had so much fun.  Rhythymless, two left feet, it didn't matter..everyone was there having fun but I  do fancy myself quite the Zumba chick if I do say so myself.  I found the moves rather easy to do and was already familiar with a lot of them from the tapes.  The only problem that I did have was doing a few of the turns because you had to do them quickly and my shoes kept slipping and sliding on the floor where we were dancing which I did not expect.

When it was over, the instructor admitted to starting the class 15 minutes early because she was filling in for the regular instructor and she had a class immediately after that she taught at another gym.  She teaches a class tonight at 7:00 so that is the plan as of now.  I skipped the gym this morning because I want to take her Zumba class again so we'll see how that goes.  I'm a morning person and normally, if I don't workout in the morning, I won't workout at all so we'll see how this evening's switcheroo turns out...ya'll pray for me!!  lol

Oh yeah, I'll be back later with my weekly round-up.

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