Procrastinators Unite!!!! .................................Tomorrow

Am I the only person who hasn't even begun to do any Christmas shopping yet?  Come on procrastinators....speak up.

I always seem to wait until the last minute to start my shopping. I don't know what it is but Christmas shopping is not something that I particularly enjoy.I think it is because I never have any idea what to get.  My mother never likes anything that I get for her but she gets offended when I get her a gift card or something so she can pick out whatever it is she wants.  Usually I go with clothes... that she ends up never wearing.  Last year I got her a purse which she misplaced and hasn't been able to find since the day she unwrapped it.

 The kids have no problem telling me what they want.  Ugg boots, North Face jacket, Cell phone ( to replace the blackberry that got stolen earlier in the year) laptop( to replace broken netbook)  clothes, beats by dr dre headphones, new ipod with a camera( despite the fact the ipod touch they received two years ago are still perfectly fine)video games, video games and more video games.

LOL  they must think mom is made of money or something. I told them they could get one thing and one thing only. I really haven't decided which items I will get from the list but I do know that I am running out of time. The fact that one still believes in Santa makes it all the more difficult. Who wants a jolly fat man receiving all the credit?

Maybe I'll try to do something tomorrow.  I haven't even gotten my tree up yet..I know... I'm pitiful.

On the weight loss front, the good news is that I've been working out fairly consistently. Since my post about taking my first Zumba class, I have since taken two more classes with the same instructor.

I still find it fun and I'm not really sure how it works but I am a little tired of the routines. The class that I took yesterday was supposed to be something called "Latin Heat" that I wanted to try out but it turned out to be a Zumba class(the shedule was wrong)   The three times that I've taken the class, we did the same routine, to the same music all three times...Is this how Zumba classes usually work?   Shouldnt they switch it up a bit or at least change the music?  I don't know...Saturday I plan to again take the class but this time it will be with a different instructor.

Getting it right,


OMG, I have not started my shopping either. Nice to know I'm not the only last minute shopper, Unite! haha

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