First day Reflections

It felt so great to be back on track with the working out and weightloss.  I felt refreshed and just excited to be working out again.

I can honestly say that I ate clean the entire day, no cheating what so ever except for a pack of Orbit gum and even that's sugarless.  I ate boiled egg whites, broccoli, chicken breasts, turkey breast, and salmon, and an EAS shake.  That's it and  I  can honestly say that I wasn't even hungry.  I tried to spread my meals out every 2 or three hours  in an attempt to get 6 meals in but  I only managed to get in 4 and I suspect that is because I didn't get to eat breakfast until 10 am.  I also managed to get in one workout but the plan was to get in two. One in the morning and one in the evening.  Today was a cardio day so I did HHA (Hip Hop Abs) earlier and I planned to do a walk away the pounds tape in the evening but I couldn't find my tapes so that was a bust.  Today I will be doing weight training. Haven't quite decided whether I'm going to break it up into body parts  or whether I'm going to go for the whole body until I get back into the swing of things.  
Upward and onward to day 2!



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